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OSIS+ Sand Clay 85 ml
20,00 €
13,30 €
OSIS+ Wind Touch Volumizing Paste 150 ml
20,00 €
13,30 €
OSIS+ Thrill Fiber Gum 100 ml
20,00 €
10,60 €
Osis+ Wet Look Pomade Damped 200 ml
19,90 €
11,90 €
OSIS+ G.Force Strong Hold Gel 150 ml
20,00 €
11,90 €
OSIS+ Whipped Wax 85 ml
20,00 €
11,90 €
OSiS+ Undercoat Primer 75 ml
20,00 €
11,90 €
OSIS+ Tame Wild Smoothing Creme 150 ml
20,00 €
11,90 €
OSIS+ Mighty Matte 85 ml
20,00 €
11,90 €
OSIS+ Mess Up Matte Paste 100 ml
20,00 €
11,90 €
OSIS+ Big Blast Volumizing Gel 200 ml
20,00 €
11,90 €
OSIS+ Hairbody Prep-Spray 200 ml
20,00 €
11,90 €
OSIS+ Dust It Mattifying Powder 10 gr.
20,00 €
7,40 €

OSIS + Hair care OSiS + belongs to Schwarzkopf and is therefore part of Henkel. The brand was founded in 2000 and, based on the high quality, is mainly sold in hair salons. Umberto Giannini is the founder of OSiS + and he wanted to create a bold, dynamic and fashionable brand. The mission of the brand is therefore to make it possible to easily create hairstyles from the catwalk yourself. OSiS + offers products especially for everyone with a creative mind. With these hair care products you can create any sought-after hairstyle that sets you apart from everyone else. With these products you radiate energy and creativity. It gives you an authentic image and offers you the opportunity to give your hair a twist of your own so that you do not walk with the herd! The brand mainly offers styling products, but has products for all different types of hair types in its range. Hair spray, gel, wax and creams are offered that are specially designed for shine, texture, volume, hydration and durability. So there is something for everyone. The products of OSiS + are innovative, but the positive aspects of all products are not forgotten. The new products are based on the qualities of the predecessors, but have been improved, making them even more powerful and efficient. The strengths of the wax and gel are indicated with the following sizes: Level 1 - Light hold Level 2 - Medium hold Level 3 - Strong hold Level 4 - Extra strong hold Level 5 - Ultra strong hold NiceBeauty offers various exclusive hairdressing products. On the other hand, you don't have to pay nearly as much as you would have to pay at the hairdresser's! Whether you have long or short, thick or thin, light or heavy hair, OSiS + has the perfect product ready!