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Paul Mitchell
Paul Mitchell
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Pumpe Paul Mitchell 1000 ml
5,20 €

Paul Mitchell Hair Products is one of the most recognized salon products in the world.

The name of the brand creator is also Paul Mitchell. At age 18 Paul Mitchell had already won numerous national and international hairdressing competitions. The pure and natural hair products from Paul Mitchell are thoroughly tested by hairdressers prior to launch in order to meet the high quality standards. Hairproducts by hairdressers for hairdressers, is the motto behind the series. Over the years Paul Mitchel hair products continued to expand and there are now many many hair care products under the Paul Mitchell brand.

Paul Mitchell is much more than just luxury haircare, Paul Mitchell is an attitude. The products from Paul Mitchell consists of only water-soluble ingredients, that how i was in 1979 and that's how it still is in the Paul Mitchell brand.

Paul Mitchell makes a big effort in creating environmental friendly products, All the way from the production of the Paul Mitchell products and all the way to your hair.

We always have lots of great online deals on Paul Mitchell, so you can always expect to find the best deals on shampoo, conditioner, and styling treament and buy Paul Mitchell hair products at low prices.

More about Paul Mitchell, the man

****A man that would revolutionize the entire hairdresser-industry and who would end up creating one of the most successfuld hair-care brand in the world. Paul Mitchell was born in 1936 in Scotland, but his family moved to London when he was only months old. – Paul Mitchell started education as a Silversmith before he decided to become a hairdresser. Already at an early age he won almost every hairdresser competiting he attended, both national and international.

After his numerous winnings he opened his first salon in London, which quickly became famous. At an age of 24, Paul Mitchell had already opened his second salon. After that he moved to USA where he would meet his first wife and later became the leader of the company Crimpers. In 1979 he met John Paul Dejoria, and together they created the haircare products. "John Paul Mitchel Systems". Paul Mitchell died of cancer in 1989 and the company was left to John Paul Dejoria. John Paul Dejoria has been the face of Paul Mitchell since the 80's and has expanded the brand to one of the biggest hair care brands world wide.

Paul Mitchell Series

****Paul Mitchell is comprised of different series that cater to the various needs of both men and women. The series is comprised of different products as well. You will surely be able to benefit from the various collections because of the several advantages.

Here are some of the series that you may want to get so that you can use them for your hair, and also fit for your situation and needs.

Paul Mitchell Blonde

****Clearly, this series is suitable for people with blonde hair. Once you decide to color your hair, you should expect certain issues to occur. Of course, there is nothing to worry because Paul Mitchell has the Blonde series that is effective in making sure to treat your hair very well.

Paul Mitchell Curls

****For the problems with your curly hair, you can get the Curls series. This will ensure that whatever problems with your curly hair will immediately be resolved. You can have the shine and silky look even with your curls.

Paul Mitchell Moisture

****If you are suffering from having dry hair, you can have the Moisture collection. This will surely provide the moisture that is necessary for your dry and dull hair. You can achieve the lustrous look of your hair if it has enough moisture.

Paul Mitchell Sun

****Too much sun exposure can damage your hair. If you do not want further damage to happen, there is the Sun series that you can use in order to provide the protection that you need for your hair. In this way, you do not have to worry about getting out of the house because definitely, your hair is well protected.

Paul Mitchell Strength

Ideal for weakened hair, the Strength series will absolutely provide the strength that is needed in order to prevent further damage. Aside from making your hair beautiful, of course, it would be very advantageous for you if it would be strong as well.