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Philip B
Philip B
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Philip B Luxe Wax 60 gr.
45,60 €
Philip B Lovin Pomade 60 ml
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Philip B Rejuvenating Oil 60 ml
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Phillip B Delicious botanical luxury products for hair and skin care From teenager to hårguru: Phillip Berkowitz began his professional career as a teenager in his home in Massachusetts, USA. He chose to travel to Los Angeles in the early 1980s where he got work as a stylist and colorist in lounges which was visited by famous and prominenet people. Phillip B experimented with different botanical blends and essential oils in trying to find the right care compositions worn or even damaged hair. In 1992, a little sentimental, Phillip B with its first product, Rejuvenating Oil, which is still one of the leading products on the market. Today Phillip B and his pioneering products known worldwide. The products have won numerous awards and is highlighted in many reputable media. Like Phillip B itself has styled hair in the television show "Project Runway" and Forbes has placed Phillip B's Scalp treatment in the list of "100 things worth every penny". Natural course: - Phillip B products is made of high quality pure ingredients. They contain between 20 to 40% plant extract, which is a very large percentage of botanical ingredients compared to other natural products market - At the same time Phillip B products are free of parabens and chemical fragrances. The essential oils, not just prevent, treat and maintain your hair and your skin, they also have a therapeutic effect on your mind - Essential oils used in aromatherapy and each scent has its own almost magical effect on your body and your soul More about essential oils: - essential oils, naturally occurring oils that are made by plants by distillation, expression or extraction. - The oils found in plants different parts - roots, bark, stems, seeds and fruits. - The essential oils are very concentrated and should not be used undiluted on the skin. There are a multitude of efficient plants and essential oils. The list of applications is long. Phillip B's products contain, among other natural ingredients that: - Sharpen concentration: Rosemary, peppermint. - Works relaxing and calming, lavender, chamomile, cedar, hops, vanilla, cardamom. - Refreshes and elevates moods: Eucalyptus, Pine needles, Tea tree. At a Glance: - African Shea butter is powerful to cure certain skin diseases, and to promote a shiny hair and a healthy scalp. Shea contain natural substances which are cell-regenerating. All kinds of wounds doctors faster and scarring on the skin softened. Shea is also good to stretch marks, since the softening effect on the cells of the stretch marks, which after all is a kind of scarring of the skin. Shea has an effect on the circulation in the bloodstream and lymphatic system. The oil in Shea Butter protects against UV rays in sunlight and are thus nature's own sunscreen. - Jojoba is very similar to sebum, which is the natural oil that we humans secrete from our skin and scalp. Therefore, jojoba oil can easily be used as a sebumerstatning for people with reduced sebum production. Just as it can also be used to remove excess oil from the hair. Jojoba is highly beneficial for face, hair and skin, as it is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, non-toxic, and non comedogenic. Jojoba can also be used as a conditioner as it adds shine, elasticity and softness to your hair. The plasticizing oil can help repair hair that has been damaged by heat and excessive styling. Additionally, jojoba oil make thin hair look more plump. - Aloe Vera can help your immune system to make it easier to combat bl.a.hudskader, constipation, ulcers, psoriasis, sunburn, chronic joint rheumatism, muskelvævsskader, insect bites, fungus, etc. Aloe vera is said to be useful teh, reducing excessive hair loss. At the same time helps Aloe Vera scalp's physiological balance. It is said that Aloe Vera is very effective from the time when the first signs of hair loss is obvious. If the scalp is massaged with the products containing Aloe Vera, increases the blood circulation in the scalp and also alleviated dryness and itching. At we have surrendered to the luxury and the imaginary associated with Phillip B's complete great products. For Phillip B's products for every skin and hårudfordring you than be exposed to - for example, from Psoriaisis, Acne, aging, dry or oily skin damaged, oily, dry, frizzy and tangled hair. - Phillip B products - Click on the individual products and a more detailed description. In this way, the chances are greater to find exactly what you need. #Phillip B - wasted motion Silence Magi Effective and luxurious beauty that gives value for money