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Italian pride and elegance. ### And so it begins Prada was founded in 1913 by brothers Mario and Martino Prada ... Fratelli Prada. The brothers sold luxury leather goods and imported English travel bags and suitcases to their small shop. The shop was taken over by Marios daughter, Luisa, and after her came her daughter, Miuccia, who was directly responsible for that Prada went from being a small leather goods shop into an empire. From 1978 until today has Miuccia managed to take the company to unprecedented heights. First by selling luxury handbags in the world's leading fashion houses and then also shoes and plain womenswear collections. After the advent of both menswear collections and High Fashion Collection, Miu Miu, then began Prada also experimenting with scents in 2003. The scents were built around each note, such as Iris, Orange Blossom, Tuberose, Violet and others. Miuccia is the origination of all fragrance series. She leaves nothing to chance. One Note has also been developed into a Infusions series. ### Pradas uncrowned queen: - Maria Bianchi was the woman behind Prada's success originally christened after his father's family, but in the 1980s she took renamed Miuccia Prada. Today she goes now mostly under his nickname Miu Miu, which is also the name of her High Fashion Collection, as mentioned earlier. - Miuccia has previously taken an education that mimes at the Teatro Piccolo and she has been an avid fight for women's rights, a member of the Italian Communist Party ... until she in 1978 entered the family business, which she today leader with her husband , Patrizio Bertelli. - Miuccia has received several awards - including "Designer of the Year" at the British Fashion Award in 2103 and she was in 2014 named by Forbes to be the 75th most powerful woman in the world. ### Prada's DNA: As early as 1919, Fratelli Prada appointed Royal Royal Warrants in Italy. Thus they also got the right to use the House of Savoy's coat of arms in the Prada logo. Prada is also known for his eternal quest for rare and precious materials and sophisticated manufacturing techniques. The materials used and the special manufacturing techniques in combination with constant innovation means that Prada today is known for its uncompromising quality. This applies to everything Prada involved in the leather goods to clothing, from eyewear to accessories, from art to buildings and health care-for scents. ### have Prada on the shelves: At we can offer the part of Prada's pride and elegance that is filled in bottles. Prada fragrances for women has a sophisticated look, if containment on the one hand smells seductive and feminine on the other side is elegant with a breath of fresh air. Prada fragrances for men expressing masculine brawn spiced up with a sensual character who bears the mark of purity and mystery at the same time. If in doubt about something or need to be guided, do not hesitate to contact our always helpful customer service personnel, who are known to be accommodating, helpful and energetic. Prada - Sophisticated and Trendsetting.