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Raunsborg Sun Lotion SPF 30 - 200 ml
26,70 €
24,00 €
Raunsborg Anti-Age Eye Cream 15 ml
40,10 €
36,10 €
Raunsborg Sun Lotion SPF 15 - 200 ml
24,00 €
21,30 €
Raunsborg After Sun Lotion Nordic 200 ml
26,70 €
24,00 €
Raunsborg Face Mask Nordic 80 ml
33,40 €
28,10 €
Raunsborg Face Serum Nordic 30 ml
46,90 €
36,10 €
Raunsborg Man Body Shower 200 ml
14,60 €
13,30 €
Raunsborg Pink Rose EDP 50 ml
52,20 €
45,50 €
Raunsborg Secret No 1 EDP 50 ml
52,20 €
45,50 €
Raunsborg Man Face Gel 80 ml
37,50 €
33,40 €
Raunsborg Man Face Wash 100 ml
20,00 €
17,30 €

Raunsborg is a Nordic-inspired and simple, yet effective skin care series, produced by the Danish family company Plum A / S and Danish fashion expert Jim Lyngvild in 2011. Plum A / S has more than 45 years of experience in skin care production and has Therefore, in collaboration with passionate Jim Lyngvild, created the Raunsborg brand, it is a unique combination of high professional knowledge, professionalism, aesthetics, nature and quality. The collaboration between the family firm and fashion expert has resulted in a fantastic product range that is mild to the skin without compromising on quality. Raunsborg series has been named after Jim Lyngvild's very special Viking town in southern Funen. This worked naturally, as the series is based on natural ingredients, Nordic mythology, plants, and ancient times. Jim Lyngvild's positive mind is what inspired him to work with flowers and plants. One morning in May when he stood looking out of his window, he could see how it all started and flourish, and at the same time, it struck him that "we" must be able to do something for each other. And that's where the idea was brought to life, and Raunsborg became a reality. The idea behind these products was to combine modern technology with old knowledge of the richness of Nordic nature. Ingredients for this series are carefully selected, including from an old old book about plants, herbs and nature's gold. Based on the detailed study, the characteristics of the different plants have chosen the very best, combined them in a modern laboratory and ended up with a nice care series that protects your fine, light-sensitive and Nordic skin at the best possible manner. In ancient times, plants and herbs were used to relieve pain, care for the appearance or wound healing. Someone may still use the aleo-vera method of combustion, but otherwise, many of these plant's special properties have been lost and have been replaced by new and modern forms of care and relief. Raunsborg has been very successful against the flow and has chosen to focus on nature's gold. We are constantly becoming smarter, and Raunsborg has been able to make a perfect combination between the ingredients that worked in the past and the latest knowledge in the field of nursing research. This has given some delicious care products and scents that are so mild that they can be used for all skin types. Raunsborg has developed 3 different series in skin care and perfume. These 3 series ensure that you find the right care for you and the rest of the family. Raunsborg has therefore researched the different skin types, and has found out how men and women's skin works differently, and from that point of view, have made a series that suits you perfectly. At the same time, they have developed a series that is suitable for sensitive and sensitive skin, and can even be used in children with its mild formula. The 3 series are made up of: RAUNSBORG® NORDIC - Skin Care and Scent for Women RAUNSBORG® MAN - Skin Care and Men's Scent RAUNSBORG® SENSITIVE - Perfume Free Skin Care Series - also for Children Raunsborg is a unique care series that has certainly been achieved with their vision To combine the vast knowledge of our ancestors, their simple relationships with nature and our latest discoveries in modern science. Take a look around the page and discover which flowers and herbs can do something extraordinary for your skin.