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RazorPit Teneo White
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RazorPit Slide Pink
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RazorPit RazorPit, the world-famous razor-polisher, is a Danish product designed by three Danish men. The designers were tired of having to throw away their razor blades so quickly. After pondering for a long time, they came out: the razor blades wear out so quickly thanks to small hairs, scraps of foam / gel and dead skin cells that remain in the blades. After many tests they found the solution, the blades can be cleaned and sharpened by means of friction, and so RazorPit was created. RazorPit will change your razor and opinion about the perfect razor forever. Disposable razors are normally only used a few times, but can last much longer thanks to RazorPit. The shelf life of the blades is six times as long as before. This saves you a lot of money, but you also contribute to a better environment since you can continue to use the blades for much longer. Also the quality of the blades is not destroyed, so you will keep the result that you are used to. ## How does RazorPit work? After a few shaves, the blades are covered with small hairs, dead skin cells and shaving foam / gel scraps that cannot be seen by the naked eye. By rubbing the used razor blades over the silicone plate, apply light pressure to the blades, the blades are carefully sharpened (do some foam on the blade before you do this to get an optimal result). Thanks to this method, the blades can be reused and do not have to be thrown away quickly. ## Saving money and protecting the environment Who doesn't know it, you have to use the blunt razor again, simply because you've forgotten to buy new razor blades. Thanks to RazorPit this is no longer the case! In addition, with RazorPit you save a lot of money since you have to buy new razor blades much less often. Double benefit! ## RazorPit Instructions: Before you start cleaning, the RazorPit must be lubricated with gel. The blade must then be pressed with a constant pressure on the soft surface of the RazorPit in order to rub the blades over the block with anti-clockwise movements. Repeat this process about three to four times and then rinse the blades thoroughly with water. This makes the blades very carefully cleaned. It is advisable to use the RazorPit after every shave for optimum results. The best results are obtained when the soft surface of the RazorPit is dry before you get started. Customers say: - "RazorPit is an excellent product. I have been using the same razor for four weeks now while I used to have to replace the blade every week. "" - "RazorPit is really a fantastic product. It is incredible that nobody has thought of this before. At first I could only use my razor blades four or five times, but now I use the same blade at least twenty times and it still works great. "" - "" After purchasing RazorPit, I don't need new razor blades in four months RazorPit can be used 95% of the razor blades that are sold!