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Redken Extreme Length Shampoo 300 ml
22,20 €
20,00 €
Redken Brews High Hold Pomade 100 ml
26,60 €
18,70 €
Redken Brews Shave Foam 200 ml
30,30 €
22,60 €
Redken Brews Camo Pomade 100 ml
26,60 €
21,40 €
Redken Brews Thickening Shampoo 300 ml
24,90 €
20,00 €
Redken Frizz Dismiss Conditioner 500 ml
33,60 €
18,70 €
Redken Frizz Dismiss Shampoo 500 ml
28,20 €
17,30 €
Redken Frizz Dismiss Conditioner 250 ml
24,20 €
21,40 €
Redken Frizz Dismiss Shampoo 300 ml
22,20 €
18,70 €
Redken Brews After Shave Balm 125 ml
30,30 €
20,00 €
Redken Brews Beard And Skin Oil 30 ml
30,30 €
20,00 €
Redken Brews Shave Cream 150 ml
30,30 €
25,40 €
Redken All Soft Mega Shampoo 300 ml
22,20 €
14,70 €
Redken Brews Maneuver Cream Pomade 100 ml
26,60 €
18,20 €
Redken Brews Clay Pomade 100 ml
26,60 €
18,20 €
Redken Brews 3-In-1 - 300 ml
24,90 €
16,00 €
Redken Brews Extra Clean Shampoo 300 ml
24,90 €
16,00 €
Redken Brews Daily Shampoo 300 ml
24,90 €
16,00 €
Redken All Soft Shampoo 500 ml
28,20 €
17,30 €
Redken Extreme Conditioner 500 ml
33,60 €
18,70 €
Redken Extreme Shampoo 500 ml
28,20 €
18,70 €
Redken All Soft Conditioner 500 ml
33,60 €
18,70 €
Redken Extreme Cat Treatment 150 ml
30,30 €
20,00 €
Redken Styling Volume Aerate 08 - 91 gr.
26,60 €
15,90 €
Redken Styling Volume Guts 10 - 300 ml
26,60 €
17,30 €
Redken Styling Volume Rootful 06 - 250 ml
26,60 €
17,30 €
Redken All Soft Shampoo 300 ml
22,20 €
13,30 €
Redken Brews Thickening Pomade 100 ml
26,60 €
21,40 €
Redken Brews Extra Clean Gel 150 ml
26,60 €
21,40 €
Redken Triple Take 32 Hairspray 300 ml
24,00 €
18,20 €

When it all started?

Paula Kent initiated the Redken Laboratories in the year 1960. Being an American entrepreneurial actress, as part of her career, she was also exposed to those hair products that are entirely irritating. With the kind of job she had, hair styling that would demand frequent changes on the chemicals on her hair is inevitable. It was frustrating on her part because the hairdressers during that time would just rely on the availability of their resources. The goal is to make their clients look good. These hair stylists do not consider if the chemicals they use are gentle and would not result to any hair damage.

Driven by Paula’s desire to invent products that would still grant satisfying result without giving any backlash, she coordinated with professional hairdressers to realize a business plan. She then found the best business partner as her own hairdresser, Jheri Redding, in which this partnership coined the company name REDKEN.

The two began conducting educational programs in relation to proper procedures on how to take good care of the skin and hair. They gathered their teammates to push through their plans. They took the lead on having the extensive researches that would support their goals of educating the hairdressers the chemistry of the skin and hair. The main objective is to create products that have the best hair formula to eliminate any reasons of harm and damage.

The Three Principles

The main objectives of the Redken Laboratories are anchored on their three main principles. You could expect that all of their hair products follow the innovative standards, assuring high quality performance, not just on their items, but above all their services.

1) Protein Technology – Because of the composition of the hair’s keratinocytes, the production of the fibrous scleroprotein Keratin was focused. This aims to preserve the natural hair growth.

2) The products promoted could complement that natural skin and hair pH level, having an acidic pH of 4.5-5.5.

3) Professional cosmetologists and salon experts approved all the products available in the market.

With the guided principles in business, this gives the Redken Laboratories an edge over their competitors as they assure that all of their products are safe and efficient.

The Continuous Progress

With a strong dedication in promoting their hair products, Paula’s five years of hard work has already gained the fruits of her labors. In the year 1965, the company became the leader of product technology in the United Stated and other foreign countries. Even during the year 70’s and 80’s, the business continued to prosper. In 1993, the greatest achievement took place, when L'Oreal bought the Redken products. Today, the Redken Laboratories are now operating in their headquarters in NYC.

All efforts invested in pushing the company to attain the peak of success have been paid off. Today, Redken became the global professional hair care products and services leader. With a strong team working together on research and development, the expert hairdressers, a strong foundation of good business relationship, there are no loopholes that could stop success from happening.

Because of the booming performance of the company in the market, many people patronized the products and made it possible to build 50 branches in different countries.

The Science behind the Redken’s Success

The salon business in 1960 has become the primary training ground of the pioneers in this line of hair product industry. Working with the professionals has added so much contribution because Paula and Jheri discovered that there are so much more about hair and skin chemistry that they needed to know. They realized that the best way to come up with the most effective products is to produce a solution that actually works. The products should have the best formula that would not just enhance the skin and hair quality, but also above all protect those accessory parts for preservation. This is the reason why they focused mainly on studying the whole concepts of protein technology.

They have studied intensively the composition of hair and found out that the hair is compacted by cells that usually produce the natural proteins. This gives them the idea that the hair is capable of absorbing applied protein, helping it to recover from any damages. This gives the hairdressers the confidence that they could do the twirling and ironing of hairs, without worries of causing any distortion to the chemistry of hair that they are working on.

For hair treatment procedures, the salon using the Redken products was able to grant all their customers a long lasting treatment for hair damages, not just giving a temporary remedy for unwanted condition.

The Products of Protein Technology

With the overwhelming response of the customers to the 60 global patents introduced in the market, it made Redken climb the top of success. Included in their protein technologies is the best solutions to achieve almost all their clients’ demands. They were able to come up the best formula to address any hair care concerns and styling lines.

The conditioning system of hair was highlighted by the Patent #6,015,574. Having the foundation of an advanced technology has made the business prosper. The team was able to provide the most effective hair care products that are protecting the whole structure of the hair inside and out. The products improved more the internal portion of the hair follicle and hair root, giving the shafts the dramatic appearance of beauty and glamour.

Patent #6,013,250 focused mainly on 3D Repair Complex. It promotes the production of proteins and at the same time the natural lipids, in order to produce natural wax and oil, maintaining the needed moisture to keep the skin and hair healthy.

One of the best attainments of the company was to rank 257 out of 800 nominations who gained the brand excellence award. It garnered the award of Icons of the American Marketplace in the year 2008. Up to now, the company has the full commitment to greater success in the future, serving more people who are in need of the best solution to any hair concerns. The company envisions for a serious awareness of all people on how to get the proper hair treatment with no worries at all in any threats of damages.

What Redken Promises to All Its Clients

1) You can get the look you want.

Even if you bring your own photo of the hairstyle that you wish to achieve, everything is never impossible for the experts operating the Redken salon business. They promote a high taste of fashion and elegance to all their hairstyle concepts, which brings you more confidence.

2) Customize your hairstyle the way you want it.

If you aim to get a new look or you wish to try a new hair color, experiment freely because the hair experts could provide you the best services. They aim to give you satisfaction and so they give you the freedom to try things out to arrive in the best hairdo that suits your fashion needs.

3) Get expert’s advice.

Most of the stylists in Redken have long years of experience in the industry. This gives you an assurance that they know how to handle any hair issues. You can also benefit from them by getting the proper advice on which haircut that suits you best or on how you should take care of your hair to achieve an overwhelming appearance.

4) Get maintenance for your hair.

Just like getting your personal doctor to monitor your health condition, you can also develop a good business relationship with the stylists, as they will take good care of your hair. This is important because once you are already comfortable with your stylist, you would be able to explore and discover more of what he/she can do to enhance your looks.

5) Help you in pampering yourself.

If you have been stressed out for the whole week because of some hectic schedules at work, find time to pamper yourself by visiting a Redken salon near you. They could make you look good so you can also feel good, inside and out.

Just a note that Redken’s company would like to remind everyone that there are unauthorized distributors of their products. You should be aware of this because these items might have low qualities. Be sure that you go to a salon or contact an authorized dealer to deal with no any problems.

Variety of Hair Care Products

The reason why Redken products are considered the best because they could cater almost all types of hair concerns. Look on these hair care brands and appreciate more of what it can do to your hair.

1) Hair Care Blonde Oil

If you are born to have blonde hair, then there is a specialized product for you. Keeping your hair healthy and strong is never a problem. Make the most of the beauty of your hair as you get these blonde oil products. It keeps your blonde hair brilliant enough to be noticed.

2) Diamond Oil for Damaged Hairs

What is best about this product is that it could give your hair an applied natural oil to recover the needed moisture. It grants a shiny, strong appearance that you ever wanted. With the natural sources as ingredients in these products, it could give your hair an intense bright.

3) All Soft - Dry Hair Products

If you are dying to experience a manageable and shiny hair, then get the All Soft - Dry Hair Products to revitalize the glow of your hair shafts. It provides the network of protein to bring back your hair’s healthy condition.

4) Body Full - Volumizing Hair Products

Give your hair the best treatment by adding two times its natural volume.

5) Clear Moisture - Products for Dry Hair

Restore the balance of your healthy hair by moisturizing it from the roots to the tips. Allow no split ends as these products can bring back the beauty in you. Moisturizing it would give no added weights so you could enjoy a manageable hair.

6) Dandruff Control

Fight dandruff with effective products to save money and time. It has the most efficient ingredient of pyrithione zinc, which eliminates dandruff in no time.

7) Specialty Products

You might also want to try the products that are rich in extracts of the natural fruit acids that would give your hair a special treatment for repair. This is no ordinary shampoo because this is one of the best Redken’s products because it could accommodate any hair types. If you are having special problems with your hair condition, then giving it a special treatment could give the best solution.

With all these products combined, you can experience a hair care treatment that would surely meet your needs. If you want the feel softness to your hair, then there are specific products to grant you satisfaction.

If you have a blonde hair that you would light to heighten the brightness, then there are sprays targeting the dull portion and give you the radiant you deserve. Preservation of color is best to happen when you use the Redken products that would promise not to cause any harm. With all the great benefits that the Redken hair care products could give and the experts to handle the hairstyles that you want to achieve, you would surely get the best for your hair care investment.

Pamper yourself with the hair care treatment you need. Secure a safe and effective method, which only the leading hair care professionals could grant. The Redken professionals care for your hair more than you do. You can be sure that your hair is in safe and talented hands.