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Retro pomades, designed to give the ultimate 50's and 60's look, known for durability and, not least, glory. ## Reuzel story The men behind the iconic pomades are Leen and Bertus from Holland. Their fascination with this world already started when 14-year-olds began to learn the art of cutting. Both boys dreamed of becoming hairdressers and had a great penchant for classical barber art and the influence that Rock n 'Roll had on the men's fashion. With this common interest, it was inevitable that the two boys would once open a salon together. It happened when they opened the super cool retro salon called Schorem Haarsnijder en Barbier . This is today an extremely popular salon that specializes in ancient art, and they work hard to prevent the old values ??from shaving and cutting being preserved. ### Reuzel pomader After 50 years of experience in the industry where they had cut and styled countless men, the two men, Leen and Bertus, decided to create a range of products that lived up to their high standards. As old shaves they dug deep into the history of pomades, to make them as authentic and true as possible. The result of their work became the amazing Pomades Reuzel. The name Reuzel means pig fat, and is inspired by the fact that in ancient times you made pomegranates of pig fat. There are different varieties of pomades, so there will definitely be something for every hair type, style and hairstyle. The appearance of the products is held in a mega cool retro look that clearly reflects their love for the old style, and they are so delicious to have standing on their bathroom! Leen and Bertus live for a little proverb that led them to where they are today: ** "Classic shaving is beyond a profession, beyond a skill, beyond a craft. It's a mission, a calling - a commitment to provide nothing but the very best pomps, quiffs, flat tops, fades and razor shaves on the planet. Period. "_ ** #### Men's products At Nicehair we take great pride in having a wide selection for the dear men , and there is only one of many delicious brands that the men love. We have created a whole universe for the men, where we have collected all the products that are specifically addressed to them. Here you will find products from among others [Redken] (, [Clinique] ( html), [Biotherm] ( [Amrecian Crew] ( [Men-ü] ( and many more. On this page you will find: - Hair care - including shampoo, wax and hairspray - Skin care - including cleansing, cream and peeling - Perfume - including Eau de Parfume and Eau de Toilette - Beauty care - including beard oils, pomades and styling - Shaving - including razor blades , shaving brushes and trimmers Find the page [here] ( and inspire all the wonderful products that are gathered here. Keep in mind that our skilled customer service partners are always ready by phone and mail to answer all the questions that may be required. And we have both cosmetologists and hairdressers employed to guide you to the right products in both hair care, makeup and skin care. ## Giants - Dutch finest pomade