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Royal And Langnickel
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Royal and Langnickel ... Amazing make-up brushes and brushes. _Royal and Langnickel have been dedicated to developing, producing and selling high-quality make-up brushes and brushes. The brushes rise: Royal and Langnickel is the epitome of creative products and has been since the 1950s. They focus a lot on the artistic and the aesthetic world. In addition to the most amazing make-up brushes and brushes, the company produces brushes that any artist can create magic with. Their skills in the manufacture of brushes and brushes are world-class, which makes them very innovative and creative product solutions. Royal and Langnickel is an extremely trustworthy fire that allows people worldwide to increase their creativity and enjoy the beauty of the arts. Since the birth of the Royal, Royal and Langnickel has been one of the top brands of quality brushes. Their great dedication to the beauty and art provides an enormous passion for creating innovative products for the make-up artists and the beauty-seeking consumers. They are actively listening, attentive observers and consistent traders on the wishes, needs and trends the market has and shouts on. Royal and Langnickel's success is simply driven by surpassing customer expectations through an eternal pursuit of perfection through passionate engagement. ## The crown of the work: Royal and Langnickel are almost obsessed with fine craftsmanship and little delicious details that help to make their brushes and brushes absolutely superior. They are manufactured in a huge selection of different shapes and sizes. The amazing brushes and brushes are Royal and Langnickels "crown jewels". If you love experimenting with your makeup, you will also love Royal and Langnickel's products. You get real good quality at very advantageous prices. The delicious brushes are super effective and are available with both genuine and synthetic hair. ### Synthetic brushes: Natural hair brushes and brushes are often more expensive than those with synthetic hair. Brushes with synthetic hair are, in turn, preferable when working with liquid products as a foundation. Royal and Langnickel can today make synthetic hair that is ultra soft so you can not really sense the difference between synthetic and nature. A synthetic brush from Royal and Langnickel therefore is by no means synthetic. On the contrary, the hairs are soft and delicious, like the finest silk and leave your skin almost as caressed. Royal and Langnickel are aware that hard brushes that are scratches may irritate your delicate facial skin. In fact, they have refined their synthetic and 100% vegan brushes, as some people are allergic to real hair from animals. Often, brushes and brushes belonging to the lower price range are produced with less effective glue, poorer shafts and fewer hair. In this way, companies can keep the price down. This also means that the quality drops, which in turn slows down on the result of the make-up. At Royal and Langnickel, they have managed to let high quality and affordable prices go hand in hand, so you do not have to worry if your hair drops quickly or if your brushes meet your expectations. Moreover, the benefits of synthetic hair are that they are extremely suitable for cream products as they do not absorb as much of the product as natural hair typically does. This saves your products and makes sure you do not get too much. If you use mineral powder, it is a great advantage to use a synthetic hair brush as the synthetic hair better heats the minerals, so you just get the natural look. ### Make-up brushes and brushes: There are a variety of different make-up brushes and brushes, which can make it very difficult to figure out what gives the best results. Therefore look for ... - What bristles are made of? How is the amount and shape of the hair? - How does the handle feel? - What glue are the hairs put together with. - What purpose does the brush have? The tightness of the hair is crucial to the result. The looser your brush is, the less product left on your skin. If your hair is tight, your brush or brush may contain a lot of product at once. Choose the right brush to show off. For example, when applying blush to your cheeks, use a looser brush so that the final result becomes soft and natural ... and thus avoiding the "speed strip". #### The Basic's: Not everybody gets into the big make-up experiments and therefore does not need a huge selection of remedies. You can come a long way with relatively few tools for your basic makeup ... The inclination is almost indispensable when you need to draw your brows or perhaps draw a line close to the flip side. The foundation brush is amazing if you do not want to apply your liquid foundation with your fingers. It may have sharp edges, rounding the top and dense hair so you can apply very precisely around your mouth and eyes. "The golden principle is that your foundation should naturally blend into the skin and appear invisible. Glow is created with bronzer ... not with foundation. Kabuki brush, or sponge brush, if you want, is a make-up brush with shorter stem and pretty dense hair. The brush head is usually rounded or flat. Usually a kabuki brush for loose makeup, such as mineral powder and bronzer on the slightly larger surfaces of the face. The brush ensures that the loose makeup is evenly distributed on the skin, which creates a very natural appearance. Your bronzer should only give glow to your face ... not color. Use your bronzer to create shapes on the face. Brush it along your cheekbones, jaws, forehead, tips and nose. ### Clean: Good brushes last longer with the proper care and care. It is important for both the brushes and your skin that the hygiene is in order. The bacteria can pile up in the hair of the brush, whether the hair is synthetic or natural and regardless of the frequency of use. The brushes should be washed frequently to keep the bacteria down. You can use plain detergent, hair shampoo and / or custom-designed products to clean the brushes. If possible, try to avoid water coming under the metal part under which the adhesive holds the hair in place. - 1. Use lukewarm water. Hold your hand under the moderate water jet and immerse your palm in which you collect the water. Deep brush hair in water dilation. - 2. Take a little soap and foam it by gently pushing the brush from side to side into the palm of the hand. Avoid moving the brush in circles as this may damage the hair. - 3.When the foam is no longer colored by the product, rinse the soap completely out of the brush. - 4.The clean brush is dried. First swallow the water out of the brush's hair and then dry carefully in a clean cloth. Also, remember to wipe the shaft and the metal. - 5.From the brush's hair, put it for further drying on a towel with the hairs slightly down. ATTENTION !!! Brushes with creamy or oily products can be a little harder to get clean. Here it is a good idea to use some oil. It may just be your regular household oil from the kitchen cabinet. Then the cleaning routine starts a little differently ... - 1.Plast some oil on a piece of paper roll and carefully drive the brush from side to side into the oil. - 2. Then clean the cleaning product directly on the brush to allow the oil to dissolve. Do not start rinse the brush with water. It just prolongs the cleaning process. The cleaning product must be thoroughly massageed into the hair of the brush before water comes on. - From here you follow the above procedure from No. 3. has some suggestions for possible cleaning products for your brushes ... [Minerals Quick Change Brush Cleaner 110ml] ( quick-change-brush-cleaner-110ml.html) [Minerals Well-Cared For Brush Conditioning Shampoo 120ml] ( shampoo-120 ml.html) [Clinique Brush Cleanser 236 ml] ( ### Nicehair and brush strokes: is, like Royal and Langnickel, strongly focused on delivering high quality products and affordable prices tailored to you. We appreciate passion, versatility and innovation. We would like to provide quality products at reasonable prices. Royal and Langnickel is therefore available at with some of their wonderful brushes and brushes. Click on the link to read more about their different products. ## Royal and Langnickel - Choose the right brush.