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Award winning foot care. ### Scholl then Dr. Williams Scholl was, at the age of just 17 years, employed in a small shoe store specializing in comfortable footwear. Here he met many people who, for various reasons, had pain in the body, legs and feet. This aroused Scholls curiosity, so he chose to participate in a medical study just to learn about the human body and especially of the feet anatomy and physiology. Trained as a doctor and 22 years of age, William Scholl patented his first invention, Foot-Eazer, which was a cross into the shoe that supported and reinforced instep. In 1907 Scholl manufacturing co. inc. founded and a few years later, in 1912, founded the Scholl also a school of podiatry and orthopedics in Illinois. The school was the most important of its kind in the United States. Scholl offered among other free fodundersøgelser at this school. Succen took right off with ... ... early 20th century and the first footwear series based on the feet anatomy. ... 30s compression soles. ... 40s insoles. and ... 60s anatomical beech wood soles, which could contribute to well-trained legs, several models made use of. William Scholl died as a 86 year old in 1968 ... but the company continued full speed ahead in his spirit. 100th anniversary was celebrated in 2004 with a whole new generation of foot care products, as well as fashionable and innovative footwear for maximized comfort. ### Scholl today The company lives on with the same passion and mission as founder started out with ... namely ... improve human comfort, health and well-being through foot care. ### Feet Your feet are exposed daily to challenges that can affect both the shape which the skin and nails. It is therefore no matter what shoes you choose for a given situation. Likewise, it is important that you make sure you care for your feet. Many people find it uncomfortable or inappropriate to let others touch their feet ... that is exactly why Scholl eminent because of Scholl products you can easily fix your feet at home in peace and quiet. Healthy feet are part of a healthy body! ### Bare Feet Give your feet a breather - take shoes and socks. By walking barefoot around you increase blood circulation and makes your feet more sensitive. At the same time gives it a redemptive relaxing feeling to feel firm ground. If you are not used to going barefoot, so do not overdo it in the beginning, because your tendons and joints can become congested and in the worst case achieve a painful inflammation of the joints. Remember to check your feet regularly for any changes and washing ALWAYS feet well after walking barefoot to avoid complications from minor cuts and the like. NOTE Diabetics have to be very cautious to go barefoot, because they may have nerve damage that makes the cold, heat and pain not felt. Small cuts and the like may cause infections, which can cause major problems. ### Scholl and - Scholl is a very popular product among Nicehair.dks customers as the products are effective and deliver what they promise on beautiful feet and nails. - If you can not find it Scholl product you just looking, do not hesitate to contact our support team who like to answer your queries and try to solve the tasks. Scholl meets your Feet individual care needs.