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Testing shaving products. Shabenaa: The Danish entrepreneur, Nana Rytter Nielsen, started Shabenaa in 2010 and entered into a partnership with a Danish pharmaceutical company. The cooperation should be conducted in effective and nurturing shaving products that could treat and prevent buds, feces and other shaving genes. ShaveSafe was completed in 2011 and was presented in the beauty market in March of the same year. The year after, the product ShaveSafe came to sensitive skin. The products have been a great success, which has clearly proven its worth to consumers. Cause and effect: The most common causes of a lot of people getting shaving buds, stinging, reddening, ingrown hair, feces, etc. are bacteria on the skin and scraper blades, as well as cheap and dull scrapers. The bacteria from the skin can be a bad combination with the traditional thick shaving cream, as you can hardly clean the scraper blades properly after use. If this is the case, the skin is applied repeatedly to bacteria and dirt, which gives the above challenges to your skin after shaving. It is usually on the throat, in the armpits, on thighs and buttocks, as well as at the bikini line, which occurs after shaving. The infection is often due to staphylococcal bacteria in the hair follicles. The inflammation state is not only unhealthy to look at, it can also be quite painful. ShaveSafe can treat and prevent the bothering shaving challenges, as the products are antibacterial. This does not apply to already ingrown hair. You should remove them before shaving. Subsequently, ShaveSafe will prevent any emergence of new ingrown hair. How to shave safely! ShaveSafe suggests that you remove the aforementioned ingrown hair before shaving. Then you should moisten your skin with lukewarm water wherever you want to shave. However, it is recommended that you push some of the water away from the face so that the shaving cream does not run when applied to the desired area. The shaving cream must be applied in a uniform layer. In conclusion, wash the skin thoroughly with water. If you want to apply a cream after shave, this should be perfumed. Always remember to rinse the scraper well after use and replace the shaving head regularly. When shaving with a machine, ShaveSafe is used as a shave after shaving, so it is well massaged into the skin and rinsed thoroughly with water. The shaver should also be cleaned after each shave. Use water with scalding. Just remember to dry the skin with a clean cotton cloth after shaving, so the skin does not irritate unnecessarily. Buy ShaveSafe at : At we have also found that the ShaveSafe products meet the expectations, so of course we have these in our wide range of beauty products. We strive to meet any beauty needs that may arise. That's why ShaveSafe is on our shelves. The products work and can be used by men as well as women, as well as throughout the body. If you, as a couple, have the same skin type, you can only finish with a single shaving product. Practical and economical. Keep in mind, however, that shaving tools are personal and should not be lent, as this may cause shaving genes. ShaveSafe guarantees 100% satisfaction or money back, which says something about the product's credibility. You can click on the various ShaveSafe products on and if you need further information or guidance, please contact our always helpful customer service. ShaveSafe - Safe shave