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Sibel Lashes (2800)
7,90 €
6,60 €
Sibel Lashes (2807)
7,90 €
6,60 €
Sibel Lashes (2806)
7,90 €
4,70 €
Sibel Lashes (2805)
7,90 €
6,60 €
Sibel Lashes (2810)
7,90 €
6,60 €
Sibel Lashes (2804)
7,90 €
6,60 €
Sibel Tweezer Angled Black (000146850)
20,00 €
13,30 €
Sibel Hair Removing Cream 100 ml
25,40 €
13,10 €
Sibel Wax Heater With Tub (til 500 ml)
80,40 €
53,50 €
Sibel Wax Treatment Kit For Men
80,40 €
53,50 €
Sibel Hairpins Black 45 mm - 500 gr. (U)
36,80 €
30,70 €
Sibel Hairnet Light Brown (U)
3,40 €
2,50 €
Sibel Hair Removal Wax Heater
53,50 €
48,20 €

Sibel Sibel is a brand of Sinelco. Sinelco is one of the leading international manufacturers and suppliers of high quality hair and beauty products. Its products are sold in more than 60 countries worldwide, with a product range of 4,800 products. Sinelco offers professional equipment for hairdressers and beauticians. Sinelco is part of Sally Beauty Holdings, Inc. The company, based in Belgium, has been active in the market for over 60 years. The brands Sibel, Ultron and Bob Tuo are delivered throughout Europe. Sibel is one of the biggest and best known brands worldwide. The central marketing offices are in Belgium, France and Italy. The brand offers equipment for hairdressers. It does not matter if it's a big salon or a small business, Sibel offers products that every hairdresser can use every day. The brand includes all items of the typical salon equipment. The products are made from high quality products and therefore not only last for a long time, but also withstand the wear and tear associated with everyday use, such as those found in hairdressing salons. offers you various products that would otherwise be reserved for hairdressers and beauticians. The products are designed for everyday use in hairdressing salons and can therefore withstand private use.