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Smuuk Skin
Smuuk Skin
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Beauty vitamins for hair and skin Danufactured dietary supplements that, with its unique formula and combination of carefully selected nutrients, aim to nurture, nourish and strengthen the skin, both inside and outside. ### What we occupy is that we radiate Your skin is the body's largest body and it is therefore extra important to care from the inside to prevent and minimize visible signs of aging. The formation of collagen and elastin naturally diminishes with age and skin loses its natural excitement already from the 25-year round. It is not only the time we are up to when it comes to our skin's health. Daily it is also affected by external factors such as pollution, stress, smoking, alcohol and UV rays, all contributing to producing harmful free radicals that attack the skin in a process called oxidation. A process that degrades the skin's structure. ### Innovative Beauty Series The beauty tablets work on the whole body and work in the deep skin layer. To support the effect of the beauty tablets, 2 facial oils have been developed, which consist of carefully selected plant oils that work in synergy to enhance skin moisture balance, agility and skin quality. Each product in the series has its unique formulation and targets different needs, which, when taken together, work in synergy to keep your skin beautiful. Smuuk Skin is based on a holistic approach to beauty and we want to be women's preferred choice in cosmecuticals and an indispensable part of the daily beauty routine. They are inspired by the Danish nature at Møn, where the flowers grow wild. Each flower is unique, beautiful and entirely its own. In the same way we are different, but common to all of us is that we need the right amount of vitamins, minerals and nutrients from within to radiate externally. It is their mission to offer unique combinations of vitamins, minerals and nutrients with different beauty properties. Their products are synergistically formulated and formulated on the basis of scientific studies, where the amount of vitamins and minerals is matched with the amounts which, according to clinical trials, show a proven effect. Beauty has no age, and aging with grace is in the interests of most women. ## Danish developed and produced Smuuk Skin has been developed in collaboration with leading researchers and is manufactured in Denmark. The beauty tablets are produced by JemoPharm on Møn, which has more than 30 years of knowledge and experience in producing vitamin, mineral and dietary supplements of the highest quality. Smuuk Skin facial oils are produced in North Zealand by Ahlmann Oil. A strong trio of experts has contributed to the development of Smuuk Skin: - LARS LINDMARK / DR. MED.SC. (PH.D) Scientific Advisor. Lars has worked for 40 years in developing dietary supplements and pharmaceuticals in a number of nutrients. Lars's pioneer development work with Imedeen at Ferrosan has created a breeding ground for the new Smuuk Skin formulations. His expertise has helped lift our beauty tablets to a new level where clinically documented studies form the basis of the composition. "Over the past 10 years, many studies have been undertaken within cosmeceuticals that support the quality of dermis dependent on a variety of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and amino acids. In the preparation of Smuuk Skin we have used ingredients that are documented and in amounts supported in studies. The next step in the development of Smuuk Skin is to initiate product-specific studies that support the synergistic effect of the different ingredients in the formulations with the expectation of faster and / or greater effect. " - HENRIK TOFT SIMONSEN / CEO, PHD, PHARMACEUTIC Henrik has more than 10 years of experience in research on moss and photosynthetic cell biotechnology. Henrik has spent 2 years at Cambridge University as a postdoc, holds a PhD in Natural Products Chemistry from the University of Copenhagen and is currently a research leader. "This has been an exciting project, previously I would focus only on the characteristics of one plant oil, but in this project we have to assess and investigate the function of many plant oils and any synergistic effects on the skin's bacteria." - ZARKO AHLMANN PAVLOV / PARFUMEUR With Zarko's expertise in scents and oils, he has taken Smuuk Skin to a new level and added all the best in 2 luxurious facial oils. Ahlmanns produces Smuuk Skin facial oils in Saunte, North Zealand. "I have always been fascinated by oils, their molecular forms and how they work together. And so, some of the essential oils also have some beautiful fragrances. Being able to expand our production with Smuuk Skin facial oils will be exciting.