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Sunspa SunSpa is a Danish company, which brought the first spray tanning to Denmark. ### The apple The self-tanning takes place immediately as with the ever-browning apple. It is a natural chemical process that turns the apple brown upon contact with oxygen. The self-tanning products contain the simple carbohydrate dihydroxyacetone (DHA), which is derived from sugar beets and sugar cane. Once you apply self-tanning products to the skin, a chemical process with the amino acids in the skin cells takes place, which then causes a tan without damaging the skin. The tanning takes place within 2-4 hours and then lasts up to 72 hours. Over the years, much research has been done on self-tanning products. The natural sunscreen and self-tanning products are the perfect alternative to partially harmful methods such as tanning in the solarium. ### SunSpa & NiceBeauty At NiceBeauty, we have to support SunSpa of course, as the brand is not only the leader in self tanning, but also manufactures effective sunscreen products. All products can also be used by women and men. The products provide a smooth tanning result while ensuring that the skin is soft and firm. SunSpa - The Art of Sunless Tanning