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TEMINISTRY Exclusive Organic Tea East meets Scandinavia: Did you know that in Denmark we have a TEMINISTRY? This Ministry has nothing to do with politics, but is about wellness, sensation and good style. The TEMINISTRY has its origins in Malmo in Sweden, while the inspiration has been taken in the East. One of the concept developers grew up in Taiwan and came to Scandinavia with a fierce desire to put their knowledge into play in an unconventional and uncluttered way. The passionate and innovative design team wanted to make a combination of East's well-known old tea traditions, as well as Scandinavian minimalism, design and aesthetics. The TEMINISTRY came on the Danish market in early 2017 and is found today in many places around the world. The three theses; The TEMINISTRY, SUPERTEA & Ayurveda is unique and extremely tasty with every twist. Teen has been developed and produced with care and thought about every detail, taste and design. Spoken to your senses and the colorful Scandinavian design decorates the shelves of your home and in the shops. The TEMINISTRY gets handpicked their organic tea in, both Japan and South Africa, which makes the teen very special, nice and clean. Ayurveda tea: Yurvada is a traditional health science from India, pointing to a conscious and controlled lifestyle. The holistic approach to body, mind and soul is considered as the way to a long life in balance. Ayurveda tea from the TEMINISTRY is based on the ancient Ayurvedic tradition, adapted to human needs and well-being. THE TEMINISTRY Different Tea, in the Ayurvedic series, are each produced based on how to maintain the right balance in the body. Ayurveda tea is based on licorice root, rich in antioxidants and vitamin B. Ayurveda tea is both powerful and tasteful in a sweet and round manner. Ayurveda tea is sold in unique brown glass that fits nicely into the Scandinavian decor. Superte and superfood: Supertea from the TEMINISTRY contains superfoods. That is, the content is composed of the organic handpicked tea and raw materials that benefit both body and soul. Superfood is all the time right now and is considered the new variety. The concept is about diet that is considered to be more protective and good-bye to the body than many other foods. The Superfood category covers foods that are found in nature and contain a wealth of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, proteins and many other essential nutrients that we humans need and which we can not form. votes YES to the TEMINISTRY: does not go out to vote YES for a good and original concept that can deliver high-quality products and at the same time gives a sensible experience. The physical and mental well-being of our customers is of great importance to us and we therefore go for the best products for the purpose. We have therefore handpicked two of the three series produced by TEMINISTRY. Go to our website and click on the tea you need. In addition to being absolutely awesome tea that benefits your health, there is also a shine on the colors. Teen is packed stylishly in packaging that exudes the eye and brightens on even the most gray and boring day. Remember that has fast delivery and freight is free if you can pick up your order at our Nicebeauty stores in Esbjerg and Kolding. TEMINISTRY - MORE THAN ONLY