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The Perfect V
The Perfect V
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The Perfect V is a small series of products specially designed to keep women's "V" in shape. Most people use a lot of products for both the hair and the face and body, but there is an area that is often overlooked, and The Perfect V wants to change it. Really many grow or shave, but do you remember to care for the skin afterwards? The skin around the abdomen is more fine and thin than on the rest of the body, so it is very important that we fit and nourish the skin "down there". What is The Perfect V? These products have been developed for your sake. They help to rejuvenate, improve and enrich the "V" and are therefore PH-balanced and tested by both dermatologists and gynecologists - pure beauty and without parabens. The series is made of delicious products that contain ingredients like mulberry, sea urchin, cranberries, shrubs and blueberries, and it is both refreshing, anit-aging and caring products. The series includes, among other things, a nursing cream for the abdomen, a serum that nourishes and threats, wet tissues, cleansing foam and a gentle scrub. It is absolutely luxurious skin care that is composed and produced to keep your abdomen in top shape. Who's behind? The founder and idea maker behind The Perfect V is a woman named Avonda Nelson Urben, who has been in the beauty industry for more than 20 years. As Marketing Manager, she has helped create and build brands like Revlon and L'Oreal, but when a job opportunity appeared to get her and her family away from the busy New Yorker's life, she joined and moved to Denmark. Here she had to learn a whole new environment and learn to adapt to the Nordic culture. Here she was enchanted by the carefree confidence that characterizes the Scandinavian woman, thinking, "If only I could get this in a bottle". This led to her finding that there was a lack of luxury products that were created to spoil the "The V". More and more people are using professional treatments such as waxing, epilation, laser treatments and shaving, and when you leave the salon, you do not think about caring for the area until the next salon visit. Therefore Avonda decided to throw his own inhibitions by creating a complete product line for beauty care especially for the abdomen and this would later become The Perfct V. With the "V" Wave At Nicehair we are proud to present this special Series of products, as we are sure that there are products that will come more and more in focus - and good for us women. Because when we are so good at caring for our face, body and hair, why not take the last part so we can really feel like the goddess we are!