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Touchland ... Fantastic hand spray with scent. ## From thought to action: It all started in Barcelona in 2010. Founder and CEO of Touchland, Andrea Lisbona, got the idea that she would revolutionize the well-known hand-held industry. She was determined to take hand hygiene to new heights. She therefore gathered a unique team of visionary and innovative people with really good feelings about what was needed to produce hand-held products that could in all ways be the distance ... and more to ... compared to other similar products. Touchland proved this when they in 2017 stormed New York with their upgrade of the sanitation experience. Name: The company chose the name Touchland, because they meant the represented way in which they would like to make an impression and difference in the whole world. Touchland was created to give people the necessary strength and freedom to freaklessly interact with each other. ## Ingredients and Effects: Touchland's quality hand hygiene products contain Aloe Vera, essential oils and more herbs and plant parts that benefit skin. These ingredients are combined with ethyl alcohol that is suitable for killing bacties and unsuitable for drinking. The popular hand spray is fast absorbent and leaves your hands soft, clean and fresh. Facts and Philosophy: The simplest way to take care of your health is to make sure your hands are clean. WHO and CDC have estimated that about 80% of communicable diseases are transmitted through their hands. That's precisely why Touchland is so dedicated to creating the best hand hygiene experience for everyone through beautiful design, sustainability and well-thought-out solutions. Water is the most limited resource and every time you wash your hands with water and soap, you spend about 2 liters of water. Touchland delivers a durable and effective alternative to the traditional way to clean your hands. Touchland considers itself to be Game-changers. Understood the way their products cause a significant change in the development of disease-inhibiting products. They believe that hygiene should be fun, convenient, smart and merry. Based on this, Touchland constantly challenges itself in creating solutions that redefine the way you can take care of your health. Solutions that not only have a practical purpose but also bring joy and improve your life. ### Touchlives: Touchland wants to make a positive difference in the world, so they have made a social campaign where they dedicate 5% of their profits to projects that develop water-based hygiene solutions in African countries where water is a shortage. At the same time, they promote the importance of good hand hygiene around the schools. Once a village has joined Touchland's project, it's all the time it takes to make the area healthier. Touchland is available in the following variants: - Neutral - Cinnamon - Watermelon - Aloe Vera - Lavender - Forest Berry - Mint - Citrus #### Nicehair and clean hands: Touchland is on the shelves of Nicehair.dk. We always welcome you to sustainability and innovation. Touchland hand spray is a pleasure just to bring your pocket. Touchland keeps your hands free from bacteria, fragrant and soft. The products are made in a modern design, different fragrances and with care for your health. This fire is for the lifeguards, the design-passionate, the caring souls, the ultimate nerds, the environmentally conscious and the experience enthusiasts. It is also for those who want to make things simple and for those who are looking for something different. Like Touchland, Nicehair.dk will always do its best to meet your expectations in every respect. We share the same passion to be the best for you. Click on the individual Touchland products on Nicehair.dk and find what's right for you. Our always helpful customer service staff are ready for both phones and monitors, in case you need them. Touchland - The New Generation of Handspring.