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Ultron is a series of electronic devices for styling the hair. At Nicehair we have a wide range of electronics for the hair, and Ultron is one of the popular brands. ## What is Ultron? The top brand Ultron is synonymous with high-tech design, sophisticated ergonomics and professional user comfort. Ultron is known for its continuous introduction of innovative products, and guarantees electrical devices that meet the demanding standard of the professional stylist. From ceramic straighteners and powerful hair dryers to professional hair dryers. Ultron started back in 2002 and has since grown and grown, and today the beautiful products are distributed worldwide. If you are into delicious styling appliances, and do not compromise on quality, Ultron could be a brand for you! ## Straightener, Straightener or Styler - Bringing Children Have Many Names A straightener is not only tasked to smooth the hair. It is also used to make waves, falls and curls. The possibilities are many, therefore the straightener is now more often called a styling iron. Many flat irons are with flexible hot plates that follow the hair direction, thus avoiding small chin and cracking in the hair when making curls and falls. It's about just finding the technique in it, but see for example. Some of our many blog posts about it. See here [how to make waves with a straightener] ( or [see how to make curls] (https: // ** Tip: Do you remember to clean your iron after use? A small fifth can be to wipe it over with a piece of kitchen roll with spirits when it's almost completely cold. This makes any styling products that are on the straightener do not get stuck and you keep your styler clean ._ ** ### Care for your electronic devices Besides that Ultron makes some really beautiful styling appliances, so have They also include products that are designed to care for your appliances, so that life can be extended. We are usually good at taking care of our hair with heat-protective products when the hair is curled or smoothed, but do we remember to watch our appliances as well? It may be the few that do, but if you want a long life on the electronic devices, it is recommended to care and care for them. Especially appliances such as beard or hair strainers require some extra attention. In order for your appliance to do its best, make sure the appliance is thoroughly cleaned after use that all hair has been removed and all cleaned parts are completely dry. It is important to oil the leaves themselves - this means that the leaves are going to move unobstructed and at the same time keep the blades sharp for a long time. Lubricants are also contributing to the blades cutting evenly and preventing friction that can lead to overheating. By lubricating its trimmer often, it promotes a clean and precise cut, while increasing the life of the appliances. Ultron has therefore developed products for this purpose. ### Keep in mind that our skilled customer service partners are always ready by phone and mail to answer all the questions that may be required. And we have both cosmetologists and hairdressers employed to guide you to the right products in both hair care, makeup and skin care.