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Urban Alchemy
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Urban Alchemy ... Innovative and effective care for hair and scalp. _Urban Alchemy develops deep-seated and nutritious products with ingredients that are vital to the health of your hair and scalp. The products are vegan, which makes them suitable for the most sensitive scalp. The # Hunt for "The Shown Stones": Alchemy is the doctrine of drug properties and their mutual reactions. The science of existence. The reason for alchemy was that all earthly substances consisted of different combinations of the same four basic elements: fire, soil, water and air. By changing the composition of a substance, one could change the substance to something else. This includes using the three principles: Mercury, Sulfur and Salt. It was thought philosophically that ALT had "a spirit". If the "spirit" could be separated into solid form, one would have "De vises Sten" and from here both produce gold and life sex exams. The Alchemists strived to produce "The displayed stone" so that they could control all chemical processes. Alchemy formed the basis of experimental science; chemistry (chemistry comes from Arabic "al khemeia"). Urban Alchemist: An urban alchemist is ... - formed, well-oriented and in control of things. - a creative perfectionist who shows great interest in current and future trends. - Always open to new ideas and see new development opportunities. - Targeted and have one ultimate goal - ALWAYS to offer customers the BEST. Summarum Summaries - An Urban Alchemist is a professional, creative and experienced person with know-how that understands combining and using ingredients, materials and products to achieve perfect results. Ambition and goals: The ambition for Urban Alchemy is to create something sensational that enriches and simplifies the daily lives of hairdressers and customers. This is by listening, observing and investigating. The starting point for success is to have in-depth insight into and great understanding of how hairdressers can work with the hair and scalp's possible challenges and how professional advancement can occur. The goal is to reconcile dreams, wishes and challenges with the expertise of progressive researchers and product designers from all over the world - so only the best and most thoughtful products can be seen today. ### Troubleshooting: Urban Alchemy is a professional brand that simplifies the lives of hairdressers and consumers. Inspiration for new ideas stems from close cooperation and constant exchange between creative and professional personalities in the hairdressing sector. Urban Alchymi not only solves the problem, they highlight it from all sides to find solutions that actually work. They search the world for the best materials and choose their manufacturers carefully. Urban Alchemy ensures maximum quality and excellent products for you and your hairdresser. ## Product Features: The products of Urban Alchemy are suitable for any hair and skin type and for any hair and skin condition ... especially people with particularly sensitive skin will benefit greatly from their products that are highly vegan. The fire makes products with salt to your scalp that can ... - Exfoliate gently and thereby remove dead skin cells and impurities. - Stimulate blood circulation and relieve possible irritation. - Create freshness and ballance in the scalp. The fire makes products with B5 for your hair that can ... - Care, moisten and soothe. - Berge and give nutrition. ### Nicehair with Urban Alchemy: Like, Urban Alchemy also strives for constant renewal of professional hair products and tools, as well as finding, inventing and implementing trends in the hair industry. The goal is not only to meet the needs, wishes and requirements of stylists and customers, but also to discover them almost before they are there! Click on the links below for different Urban Alchemy products at and read more in detail. On the same occasion you will also be able to check out other hair care products. [Urban Alchemy Opus Magnum Salt Scrub Cleanse] ( [Urban Alchemy Opus Magnum Conditioner] (https: // [Hair Care] ( ## Urban Alchemy - WHEN CREATIVITY MEETS KNOW-HOW.