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Urtekram Purple Lavender Shampoo 500 ml
9,40 €
8,90 €
Urtekram Nettle Shampoo 500 ml
9,40 €
8,90 €
Urtekram Rosemary Shampoo 500 ml
9,40 €
8,90 €
Urtekram Tea Tree Shampoo 500 ml
9,40 €
6,40 €
Urtekram Rose Shampoo 500 ml
9,40 €
8,90 €
Urtekram Men Deo 50 ml
6,70 €
Urtekram No Perfume Shower Gel 500 ml
9,40 €
8,90 €
Urtekram Nordic Birch Shower Gel 500 ml
9,40 €
8,90 €
Urtekram Nordic Birch Skin Tonic 245 ml
9,40 €
8,90 €
Urtekram Rose Shampoo 1000 ml
13,40 €
Urtekram No Perfume Day Cream 50 ml
9,40 €
8,90 €
Urtekram Rose Soap Bar 100 g
2,00 €
Urtekram Rasul Shampoo 250 ml
6,70 €
Urtekram Brown Sugar Shower Gel 500 ml
9,40 €
8,90 €
Urtekram Aloe Vera Shower Gel 500 ml
9,40 €
8,90 €
Urtekram Lime Roll-On Deo Crystal 50 ml
6,70 €
5,20 €
Urtekram Green Matcha Body Milk 245 ml
9,40 €
8,90 €

Urtekram Organic luxury care products The first "hug": Lisbeth Damsgaard and Ronnie McGrail started as a breakthrough in Copenhagen in 1972. They sold various herbs, spices, etc. All along with focus on the simple, clean and completely natural lifestyle. They quickly gained success with their small store and during the next many years they developed Urtekram into a real company where the target was GROWTH. The more ecology they developed and sold, the greater the benefit of the environment, health and responsible food production. The company started well in Copenhagen, but now lies in the fantastic North Jutland Mariager. Urtekram is owned by Swedish Midsona, which also markets the well-known brand, Bioforce, in Denmark. Urtekram is today Scandinavia's largest organic wholesaler and employs around 150 employees, ensuring that more than 1100 products meet the requirements of the company and the different countries. No unnecessary chemistry: Urtekram does not compromise on impact, experience and ecology. They place a GREAT HERO in delivering high quality products, therefore, the company places GREAT REQUIREMENTS for itself and, of course, follows the highest ecological standards set by Ecocert. The products are completely free from silicones, parabens and synthetic preservatives. They are, however, packed with good organic and natural ingredients. Urtekram is vegan-friendly and certified with the "Leaping Bunny Crueltyfree" mark. Environmental considerations are thought into all stages from production and transportation to raw materials and packaging. In addition, the company is environmentally certified according to ISO 14001 and ISO 22000. The former is an international standard in environmental management. It deals with Environmental Policy, Planning, Implementation and Operation, Control and Corrective Actions, as well as Management Review. The standard specifies what is required to form an environmental management system based on the company, its processes and activities with the distribution of responsibilities and competencies as well as environmental tasks in everyday life. The other concerns food security. For some companies it may be sufficient to comply with legal requirements and follow the approved self-checking program. For other companies, it would be a good idea to follow a recognized standard such as ISO 22000. For example, if you want to export your goods or sell to the larger Danish retail chains, it may be a supplier requirement that you follow this international standard. can be its "KRAM": At we also think of you who love ecology, appreciate naturalness and who are interested in the environment. Therefore, of course, we also have Urtekram on our shelves. We have chosen a selection of Urtekram's different series, all contributing to physical and mental well-being. Here we would like to emphasize Urtekram's care series for men. This series accommodates men's need for multifunctional products, so the series is small but good! Another series that is quite so popular is the OUTSIDE PARFUM. It is gentle against the particularly sensitive skin. All series are effective and contribute in every way to the care of your skin. Keep in mind that you can seek help and advice from our skilled customer service that we deliver fast delivery and save you delivery costs if you can pick up your orders at one of our Nicebeauty stores in Esbjerg or Kolding. Give yourself a KRAM! - Urtekram