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Waves - products for everyday use _Waves are skin and hair care products, developed with great inspiration from nature, with a view to nurturing and protecting all skin types, and containing a gentle scent. lifestyle products, created to pamper each consumer every day. Waves has made every effort to develop products containing natural oils and marine extracts that have been carefully selected for their properties. All Waves products are rich in moisturizing amino acids, marine sugar species and seawater concentrate, which collectively hydrate the skin, leaving it moisturized throughout the day. The series contains the following products: - Waves Everyday Make-Up Remover, gently cleanses make-up in depth, and in particular alleviates problems related to dry skin. Can be used as a cleansing product if you suffer from unclean skin, such as acne. - Waves Everyday Cleansing Water is used to cleanse the skin in depth, and with the help of Bamboo Oil, the pores are deep cleansed, leaving the skin soft and without a sticky feeling. - Waves Everyday Face Cream contains natural oils from grape seeds, apricot kernels and Shea butter, rich in vitamins and minerals. The product is designed to moisturize the skin throughout the day and can be used both morning and evening. In addition, it contains a Rovisome which helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles. - Waves Everday Hand Soap nourishes the skin with Aloe Vera, which naturally helps to keep the skin healthy and at the same time helps heal dry areas in depth. - Waves Everyday Hand Cream is a light hand cream that, when using Shea Butter, moisturizes your hands in depth. The hand cream contains Allantoin which removes dead skin cells and reduces cracks and cracks. - Waves Everyday Shampoo cleanses the hair in depth, without damaging the hair. The product helps repair damaged hair fibers, leaving the hair shiny and reinforced. - Waves Everyday Conditioner softens the hair in depth after using shampoo. The conditioner is particularly good for dry hair and has a soothing effect on the scalp. The product contains Aloe Vera and Vitamin which gives the hair shine. - Waves Everyday Shower Gel can be used every day to wash the body. The product contains Aloe Vera, which naturally soothes the skin. - Waves Everyday Body Lotion is a light body cream that is quickly absorbed into the skin and keeps the skin moisturized. ## Waves Everyday at Waves Everyday is created by the people behind, and created on a wide range of know-how, in skin and hair care and developed for everyday challenges. The products are created for the general public, using natural ingredients and with the highest priority effect. ## Waves - Everyday beauty