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Calvin Klein Ck Everyone EDT 200 ml

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Calvin Klein Ck Everyone EDT is a super fresh and attractive unisex scent that with its notes of water, orange, tea, musk, ginger, cedar, amber and patchouli makes it nothing short of irresistible. The first thing your senses will capture when you put it on is how clean it smells, due to the water notes. They make you feel like you've just stepped out of the bath all day. In addition, the remaining notes gather, in such a harmonious way that whether you are male or female, or whether you are 20 or 60, you can wear this Eau de Toilette.

In addition to wrapping the body in a historically good scent, which undoubtedly represents both the present and not least the future, it is also manufactured with care for the environment. The scent of this scent is of recycled material, the scent itself is vegan, the alcohol in it is naturally derived, and contains ingredients that are natural / organic.

The vial is transparent so you can always see how much is left, and around it is a Calvin Klein elastic band that can be used as a bracelet or whatever else you fancy. Last but not least, there is a lid on the vial itself, and an accompanying pump, so you can carry it with you everywhere, too, without having perfume on all your other things.

A rock-solid winner who will definitely attract positive attention.

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