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Clarins Super Restorative Instant Lift Serum Mask 5 x 30 ml

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Clarins Super Restorative Instant Lift Serum Mask is an intensive anti-age sheet mask. Clarin's first age-defying sheet mask promises visibly and alters the skin with visible results already after 15 minutes. The mask is shaped specifically for it to "hug" the entire face, coincidentally with the neck and neck. Get a beautiful firmer and more uniform skin that is soaked and with a lot of radiation. Benefits: - Mask - Anti-aging - Enhancing - Reduces lines - Moisturizing - Exposure - Treats both face, neck and neck - For a ripe skin, but all skin types Application: - Apply on clean and dry skin - Apply it on the face starting with the forehead and around the eyes - The sides are pulled out over the ears and stuck with the 2 holes for the ears - Make sure the mouth and nose opening is properly seated - Tighten out and tip the lower part on at the neck and neck - Leave the mask to work for 15 minutes - Remove the mask and butter the remaining serum on the skin and neck - The mask can be used 1-2 times a week - Apply max 1 face mask daily

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