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Clean Perfume Classic Rain EDP 30 ml

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Clean Classic Rain EDP is a rich, fresh and delicate scent that smells like dewy and warm rain on a hot summer day. It is enriched with notes of melon, violet leaves, daisies and easter slats that make this Eau de Perfume very mild, but still works clean and uplifting on the mood.

The perfume is mostly reminiscent of the fantastic days when the sun has shined for a long period of time, when the heat rises and the long-awaited rain suddenly appears. The rain that cleans the air gives renewed energy and makes everything smell fresh and new, while still maintaining the mood. It gives a smile to the lip and awakens your senses as when the newly-sprung flowers, the dry grass, the beautiful trees and the nature around you have got the nourishment they have been craving for, and can again flourish in the way that really triggers the joy substance at most.

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