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Clean Perfume Reserve Warm Cotton 100 ml

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Clean Perfume Reserve Warm Cotton is a natural, uplifting and flattering scent that has truly understood the essence of being clean and comfortable in its own body. It has light and rich notes from water, aldehydes, discrete ginger, air, mint, plants, pepper, flowers, musk, incense and vetiver.

When you put them together, they have exactly the same fragrance as freshly washed clothes that have been hanging out and air-dried most of the day in airy and sunny weather, and that just smells amazing when you stand in the garden and remove it from the clothes rack. Therefore, it is also particularly good for the summer season, as it gives a fresh touch, and gives you a feeling of being clean and fragrant even though you feel that the heat may make its mark. Indulge yourself and your surroundings with a warm perfume that develops on the skin and where both the spicy and clean notes go in perfect harmony with each other and smell a little more intense than the original Warm Cotton.

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