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Coohé Binchotan Black Facial Mask 1 stk

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Coohé Binchotan Black Facial Mask is a deep-penetrating and rejuvenating cool mask. The Binchotan litter is 100% Japanese Kishu Binchotan fibers, manufactured by traditional techniques where Japanese oak wood is charred at 1200 degrees. Then add cellulose, after which the mass is made into face masks. The coal has incredible cleansing and strengthening properties. It is developed in a thin, superabsorbing, breathable and effective material that is incredibly easy to apply. When the mask encloses the face, the pores are opened and cleaned, whereby the skin is restored and left incredibly soft and delicious. The mask is suitable for all skin types and is without parabens.


- Sheet mask
- Made with 100% Japanese Kishu Binchotan fibers
- Suitable for all skin types
- Deepening effect
- Restores the skin and leaves it soft
- Perfect for the face
- Without parabens


- Clean the face before use
- Open the mask carefully and place it on the face
- Make sure the mask is seated correctly
- Leave the mask to sit for 15-30 minutes
- Remove the mask and massage the face for 1-2 minutes
- Best results are achieved at 2-3 o'clock a week
- The mask may only be used once

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