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DAFNI Hair Straightening Ceramic Brush

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DAFNI Hair Straightening Ceramic Brush is the original smooth brush. This revolutionary brush is made of high quality ceramic coating, and smoothes your hair in a few minutes. The brush is incredibly easy to use, and is perfect for use in a busy day, where hair straightening needs to go well. Unlike the use of straighteners where the hair is to be divided into small sections, this brush can take larger parts of the hair, in fact up to 5 times as much hair as possible with straighteners, thus saving a lot of time.

The brush is 400 Watt, as opposed to other similar slippery brushes, which have much less watt. This ensures both a fast heating and a constant temperature. The back of the brush is made of heat-resistant plastic, which means that it does not overheat and thus does not burn. The brush automatically turns off after 15 minutes.

It maintains a constant temperature of 185 º C, which is the ideal temperature to style the hair. At the top of the purple brush hair, the tip is black and these are not hot so that the brush can be moved completely close to the scalp without worrying about burning in the scalp. The brush will warm in less than a minute, and when the red light changes to green, the brush is ready for use. If the brush needs cleaning, it can be cleaned with a damp cloth. DAFNI Hair Straightening Ceramic Brush should only be used in completely dry hair.

Whether you have waves, curls, the elller's fluffy hair, this brush will smooth your hair quickly and gently. With this smooth brush, smoothness has never been easier.


- The original smooth brush
- With ceramic coating
- Easy to use
- Heat in less than 1 minute
- Cord length: 2.2 meters
- 400 watts
- Heat-resistant plastic on the back


- Start brushing your hair well with a regular brush
- Take a big hair
- Stick to the tip of the nose and hold your hair tightly against the brush head
- Run the brush slowly through the hair
- Continue throughout your hair

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