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delilah Cosmetics
delilah Cosmetics
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delilah Full Coverage Foundation Brush
40,20 €
30,10 €
delilah Angled Liner Brush
34,80 €
26,10 €
delilah Lip Brush
32,10 €
24,10 €
delilah Eye Definer Brush
34,80 €
26,10 €
delilah Eyeshadow Brush
34,80 €
26,10 €
delilah Concealer Blending Brush
37,50 €
28,10 €
delilah Blusher Highlighter Brush
50,90 €
38,20 €
delilah Foundation Kabuki Brush
53,60 €
40,20 €
delilah Large Powder Brush
63,00 €
47,30 €
delilah Pure Light Radiance Lunar 30 ml
37,50 €
28,10 €
delilah Lip Line 0,31 gr. - Pout
26,70 €
20,10 €
delilah Pure Light Radiance Halo 6001
37,50 €
28,10 €
delilah Concealer Blending Brush
37,50 €
26,70 €
delilah Small Liner Brush
34,80 €
24,10 €
delilah Eye Definer Brush
34,80 €
24,10 €
delilah Under Wear Skin Primer 48 ml
44,20 €
33,20 €
delilah Lip Line 0,31 gr. - Naked
26,70 €
20,10 €
delilah Fade Away Concealer - Cashmere
34,80 €
26,10 €
delilah Fade Away Concealer - Marble
34,80 €
26,10 €

delilah Cosmetics is a new, English and complete collection of truly luxurious makeup. The products are super simple to use and easy to love. As the world of beauty seems now that it is obsessed with trends and complicated terms, and where countless brands need your attention, is delilah completely different. delilah is in fact very discreet, understated and self-confidence to speak softly instead of shouting. The name Delilah means seductive or enchanting, and is probably best known from the woman who used her beauty to enchant Samson. delilah stands for beauty, strength and self-esteem. The series is very simple, and adapted in luxurious colors that are both easy to use and easy to carry. Inside, the formulas extremely luxurious and sensuous to the touch, and exterior are they kept in beautiful taupe and rose gold shades, and this helps to give the products a very exclusive look. The Spirit team behind delilah consists of Rupert Kingston, Hannah Nicholson and Juliet White, and the very idea of ??delilah was born of friendship, a passion for cosmetics, as well as a desire to help women of all ages to feel attractive and look beautiful. Rupert has worked in the industry for many years, and as a makeup artist and creative director, developed numerous award winning cosmetic products. Hannah has a long career as a purchasing manager of cosmetics, specializing in product development, and has thus worked with the world's most prestigious cosmetics manufacturers. Juliet is a photographer, and her work has among other things been featured in The New York Times and Rolling Stone, and she has added delilah its expertise in imagery, design and graphics. The team behind delilah had a desire for a British, professional retail cosmetics brand, which is why they put all their experience and expertise in delilah. The inspiration is found in a wide range of items that are the epitome of British tradition. Right from Britannia metal, a pewter-colored semi precious metal, which has inspired Delilahs packaging. In addition, they used rose gold, which was introduced by Henry d. 7. And finally delialh logo the beautiful pink rose Delilah, which is a true icon of British beauty. Delilahs principles All products from delilah is free of parabens, and this was an easy decision for the team behind, as they believe that cosmetics need not contain parabens. So without compromising on performance, offering delilah safe and effective products. Except mascara, all Delilahs products dermatological or oftamologisk tested, and none of the products are tested on animals. delilah was created to offer customers something they were not used to and which they never had before; namely, a professional British retail brand, which dealers have the reassurance that they work with a professional team, which has many years of experience in the beauty industry. Luxurious and Inspiring delilah use only materials of notable quality, and all elements of the products are carefully selected to be beautiful, look beautiful and feel beautiful on the skin. The formulas are incredibly easy to apply and really feels luxurious on the skin. The woman Delilah was truly the perfect seductress, and she was in no doubt hendens beauty, and about how attractive she was. This feeling is taken to Delilahs products, and will help women who consume them, to feel beautiful and attractive. We love it At we love delilah. We love the beautiful exterior, but especially products with their sleek design where navner delilah is printed into the product itself - it's really a cool detail. We are very proud to present this wonderful brand, and we are sure that our customers take just as well against what we have done.