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Depot No. 403 Pre-Shave & Softening Beard Oil 30 ml

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Depot No. 403 Pre-Shave & Softening Beard Oil is an emollient oil to the beard. Oil may advantageously be used before shaving to soften both the beard and skin, as this will make the styling of the beard easier. The oil has a nourishing and softening effect, and so provides the beard a fine shine, without making it greasy. The oil also helps to neutralize the smell of sweat and food, it is absorbed quickly, while advancing udvoksningen of bearded thanks to the restorative effect. Benefits: - Softening oil for beard - Soften both beard and skin - Works nourishing - brilliance - without greasing - Neutralize odors - Absorbs quickly - Promotes udvoksningen of bearded Use: - Apply a few drops on the skin before shaving - Continue with your favorite shaving product

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