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Beautify yourself with delicious products from EcoTools The products from EcoTools is really beautiful. They are created from the mantra: Living beautifully. These products are helping to beautify yourself, while they help to give you the experience of well-being. The brand was established in 2008. Despite the fact that they are relatively new to the market, they have gained popularity, which also means that they experience growth every year. Their continued growth is probably due to their products, which is a combination of beauty and environment. They help for women to feel beautiful and comfortable in addition products are innovative and environmentally conscious, which is shown respect for the earth, which is incorporated in the packaging and the products themselves. Health The product range consists of beautiful fake eyelashes, soft makeup brushes and -børster, hair brushes and products for bath and well-being that gives you a beautiful and relaxing home spa experience. All products are some that you can find here at Nice Hair. EcoTools are particularly known for their super soft makeuppensler- and brushes. The brushes help you to put a beautiful and natural makeup that highlights all your beautiful facial features. It also considered the environment and the packaging is recyclable and bristle shaft is made of sustainable bamboo. It also produces EcoTools also products for bath and wellness, which helps to give you a spa experience in your own home. These products include bathing caps, bath gloves, bath sponges and sleep masks. The products are made from natural and environmentally friendly materials, some of the products are made of 100% recyclable materials. With EcoTools you get a beautiful and soft skin with a healthy radiance. Beauty inside You can also find hairbrushes from EcoTools designed so that they are comfortable against your hair and your hådbund, so they make sure your hair during blow-drying, is dried faster. Thus, your hair is not damaged to the same extent, while being spared the electricity. Last but not least make EcoTools also eyelashes, giving a beautiful finish and a little extra edge to your makeup look for everyday or party. The brushes are in good quality, handmade and even hypoallergenic. If you have been inspired by EcoTools' delicious and environmentally friendly products, like so many other women and beauty interested equally at the world level, you can find a larger selection of products here at Nice Hair.