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ghd Max Styler
164,30 €
Panasonic Shaver (ES-RW31)
60,40 €
ghd Rise Hot Brush
151,20 €
Babyliss The Crimper (2165CE)
50,30 €
Philips OneBlade (QP2520)
28,10 €
ghd Helios Hair Dryer Ink Blue
151,20 €
ghd Helios Hair Dryer Plum
151,20 €
ghd Helios Hair Dryer White
151,20 €
ghd Helios Hair Dryer Black
151,20 €
Babyliss Deep Waver (W2447E)
70,50 €
Babyliss Smooth PRO (6709DE)
60,40 €
Cloud Nine Diffuser
36,20 €
Cloud Nine Airshot
161,30 €
Cloud Nine C9 Touch Iron
161,30 €
Cloud Nine Waving Wand
161,30 €
Cloud Nine Curling Wand
161,30 €
Cloud Nine Wide Iron
181,40 €
Cloud Nine Original Iron
181,40 €
ghd Flight Travel Hair Dryer
60,40 €
Gordon Mini Hair Clipper (B504)
59,50 €
ghd Glide Hot Brush
131,00 €
ghd Curve Creative Curl Wand
151,20 €
ghd Platinum+ Styler White
211,70 €
ghd Platinum+ Styler Black
211,70 €
ghd gold Styler
164,30 €
ghd Curve Classic Curl Tong
151,20 €
ghd Curve Classic Wave Wand
151,20 €
ghd Air Classic Hairdryer Kit
136,10 €
ghd Air Classic Hair Dryer
126,00 €
ghd V Gold Classic Mini Styler
161,30 €
ghd V Gold Classic Max Styler
161,30 €
ghd Bag And Heat Mat
25,10 €
ghd The Original Classic Styler
131,00 €

We love our stylers, they make everyday life easier, tame unruly hair, create curls, waves or straight hair. That's why we at offer a variety of stylers for all hair types. Whether straighteners, curling iron, crepes or hair dryers. Here everyone will find what he needs. Hair and beard trimmers can be found in our range. But before you go out in style, an important concern is that stylers like hair straighteners and co work with heat. They have built-in protection, but they are up to 220 degrees hot. Therefore, it is a must before styling to use good heat protection products. Nourishing conditioners, masks or sprays are also important to keep your hair healthy. The stylers should always be handled with care to prevent burns to the fingers, scalp or ears. Straighteners Straighteners, the darling of styling for many women and men. It can tame curly, wavy and curly hair and create a smooth look, or even curls. The straightener is so versatile, a true must-have! A few tips: Before use: Use heat protection, let hair dry completely, comb hair and possibly cut hair with braces. After use: Use fixation sprays, use hair conditioners and masks, visit the barber regularly. curling irons big curls, small curls or waves. All this is possible with a curling iron. There are different types. The curling iron with clamp holds the hair during the styling process for easy handling. However, this must be practiced so that the hair does not kink and be damaged. The curling iron without clamp is probably what we imagine under a curling iron. The size of the tress and also the pressure with which the hair is left on the styler can be regulated individually here. For a conical curling iron, the top of the heating plate is thinner than the end. As a result, curls of different sizes can be styled, which allows an individual look. The automatic curler is probably the easiest way to get curls by heat. He picks up the hair, lures it and releases it again - all fully automatically. Crepes The comeback of creped hair was probably a surprise, but definitely worth a try. When using a creping iron, take a strand, put on the creping iron and press it for a few seconds. When opening, you should hold the strand, as you put the crepe iron just below the already styled area. And so it goes on, strand by strand. This will either give a perfectly creped look, or set the tone for the styling of hairstyles. Hairdryer Our beloved hair dryer makes life immensely easier. Hair can be dried faster while being shaped. There is a wide range of different hair dryers. Big or small, foldable, with attachments for styling and different heat settings. Most hairdryers have different heat settings and different fan speeds to suit your individual needs and to gently dry and style your hair. To protect your hair completely you should still use heat protection products. Maybe you've heard of ionic function before. It sounds good and is even better for your hair. The ion technology protects your hair and prevents the hair from becoming electrically charged and thus protruding to all sides. Choose the right hair dryer for your hair here! hair and beard trimmer Whether hair cut or beard trimming, here must be worked precisely. We have a large selection of electric trimmers, hair and beard trimmers.