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Essie 30 Bachelorette Bash 13,5 ml

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A beautiful look starts at your fingertips and with Essies chip-resistant form and outstanding durability you always have a beautiful result. Essie nail polish is not only easy to apply and fast drying, but also provides excellent coverage and a professinelt finish.

Note: The color of the picture may be due to lighting conditions and monitor settings may differ from the actual color.

Application of nail polish Essie

  • Always use paint stripper prior to application, even if there are remnants of lacquer on the nails. This helps to remove fat from the nails and ensures that the paint will last longer.
  • Apply a Essie Basecoat.
  • Apply 2 coats of Essie nail polish to seal all edges.
  • Apply a Essie top coat to ensure that the color holder and extend the life of the paint.

Tips and tricks associated with Essie nail polish

It is better to apply several thin coats than one thick layer. Several thinner layers dry faster and last longer.
Do not remove and apply new nail polish more than once or twice a week as it will dry out your nails.
Choose moisturizing nail polish remover to minimize damage to the nails. "