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GlamGlow Flashmud Brightening Treatment Mask 15 gr.

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GlamGlow Flashmud Brightening Treatment Mask is a multisensory and effective facial treatment that provides a more consistent and even skin tone. Contains advanced and innovative ingredients that brighten and smoothen the skin and give the skin a flawless finish. TEAOXI technology is white birch leaves, the leaves contain natural betulin and ellagic acid, which improve and balance the skin tone.

WhiteEnergy ™ is a great fusion of effective and natural ingredients that brighten and smooth the skin tone. Flashlucent ™ contains brightening and smoothing ingredients with 3 exfoliation levels that penetrate deep into the skin, creating a more youthful skin. Reflectrum ™ is a blend of light-producing ingredients that provide a strikingly beautiful skin with renewed glow. Provides instant and optimal results. Suitable for both men and women - regardless of age, skin type and skin color. This stunning glamor mask instantly gives a brighter, beautiful and sexy glow!


- Face mask
- Multi-sensory and effective treatment
- Uniform and smooth skin
- Advanced and innovative ingredients
- Flawless finish
- TEAOXI technology
- WhiteEnergy ™
- Flashlucent ™
- Reflectrum ™
- Light-producing ingredients
- Instant and optimal results
- Brighter skin, beautiful and sexy glow
- For both men and women
- Suitable for all skin types


- Apply to dry skin with circular movements to pre-exfoliate the skin and prepare the skin
- Leave it on for 20 minutes
- The product becomes semi-transparent as the ingredients are absorbed
- Remove with water. Used 3 days in a row for optimal results
- Then use 2-3 weeks a week to keep the beautiful skin
- Use moisturizer with sun protection to protect and preserve results when using FLASHMUD ™
- The results are weakened by staying in the sun without sun protection

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