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Curly Girl

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Curly Girl… Tests and methods for healthier hair and better curls. Curly Girl is a term that covers hair tests, product choices, and treatment methods that give totally unusual life to your curls . ## The Curly Girl Queen: English Lorraine Massey is the originator of the Curly Girl method. During her many years as a hairdresser and salon owner, she has experienced the great negative impact, among other things, sulfate- and silicone-containing products have on the health of the hair and especially the appearance of curls. She compares her hair with wool, fur and feathers ... understood in that the hair should be carefully groomed and washed so as not to destroy its moisture and texture ... just like when we take care of our great wool knit or silk blouses. When you apply sulfate to your hair, it becomes dehydrated, frizzy and frizzy. And when you use silicone-containing products at the same time, you coat the strands of hair so that they weigh and cannot breathe. Many nests and heat treatments their hair during styling, which means that the curls do not come into its own. The hair puffs in a mix of stride and fall that causes many curly hair to hate their curls and some even go on for decades without realizing that they actually have the finest curls. Lorraine Massey's Curly Girl method guarantees that your hair becomes healthier and your curls are taken to unmatched heights. The method can of course also be used by people without curls and who simply want healthier hair. Lorraine has written several books on dealing with curly hair. The Curly Girl method has almost gained cult status on the Internet, and several Curly Girl groups have been set up to provide inspiration and guidance for your curls. It just says something that Lorraine Massey must have stained with her recitals and experience, since the method can become so popular. The Curly Girl method is a combination of ... - specific washing and care tips, - deliberate selection and deselection of products, - important and simple tests on the condition of the hair and the possibility of product absorption, - convenient little tips on how your curls can work. get the life they deserve and thus you can carry them with pride. ## Tests: In the Curly Girl method, there are 2 important tests you should do before choosing products for your hair. Test 1 is about the balance of your hair. Is there enough protein and moisture in the hair or is there any excess or loss of any of it. - Take one of your full-length hair. - Pull your hair. If you can pull your hair 30% without it breaking and it pulls back together, while it looks healthy and keeps styling well, then your hair is in balance with the right amount of moisture and protein. Then continue with your usual care. - If, on the other hand, your hair appears frizzy and frizzy and you can pull it far without it contracting again, then your hair has too much moisture and lacks protein. You should therefore use protein-containing products. - Conversely, your hair has too much protein when it breaks down quickly and at the same time feels dry and hard. Here you need to use products that provide more moisture. Test 2 determines the porosity of your hair and how it can best absorb the various nourishing ingredients. - Cut off a hair and wash it in shampoo that is silicone free but still contains SLS. - Let the hair dry. - Fill water in a glass and dot the dry hair under the water surface. - Wait 3-5 min. - A low porosity hair will stay at the surface. In the future, if you are going to provide that type of hair with the optimal conditions for absorbing nourishing ingredients, it will be a good idea to keep warm to open the hair to the products. For example, you can do this with a warm towel wrap while wearing a hair mask. - When the hair is in the center of the glass, it is easy to absorb moisture and hold it. Therefore, the hair does not require special attention. - A hair that sinks to the bottom is very porous. It instantly absorbs moisture, but it loses it just as quickly again. You can rinse your hair in warm water when you wash it, but you should finish with cold water as this will help your hair to close and thereby better retain moisture. ## NO GO´S: In order to succeed with Curly Girl, it is important that you care for your hair with as few and as natural products as possible. Below are the ingredients you should pay special attention to deselecting in your products… - Sulfates not only cleanse dirt and products from the hair. They also remove the hair's natural fats and leave the hair and scalp dry, making the hair frizzy and frizzy. Sulfates are often abbreviated SLS, SLES and ALS. - Silicone puts a layer on top of the hairs, which immediately gives the impression of shine and health, but in reality it is visual impairment ... the hair weighs and can not breathe. It takes sulphate-containing shampoo to get rid of silicone in the hair, so it's really the "endless screw" in the fight for healthy hair. In the ingredient lists, silicone additives end up either “–cone” / “oxane”. - Alcohol - Cetyl alcohol may be found in your washing product as it belongs to nourishing and nourishing fatty alcohol and it is rinsed out of the hair. However, you should avoid dehydrating alcohols, such as alcohol, ethanol, and methanol in your care products. - Hair wax and styling creams are most often with silicone and can therefore result in stiff curls and over-treated hair, which ends up with product accumulation on the scalp. - Mineral oils lie on top of the hair like a membrane and therefore prevent the hair from breathing and from absorbing moisture. These oils must also be washed out with sulphates. - Parabens and Phthalates are harmful to your health and to nature, so you should control these in your products. However, you can apply products with these substances to the Curly Girl method. If you follow Lorraine's recommendations, you will surely get healthier hair that is able to care for itself with very little support from styling products. ### "JOW JOW´S": It is recommended that you acquire the following before you start the Curly Girl method… - A wide-toothed comb. - A cotton T-shirt or terry towel. - Wash and care conditioner, as well as hair mask and styling products that live up to Curly Girls recommendations. ### Washing and Care: Above, you have been through the preparations that should precede the core of the method… namely washing and care. - "The Last Wash" - You can choose to rinse your hair completely for heavy and accumulated care products and therefore wash your hair "for the last time" in shampoo containing sulfate, but not some of the other NO GO's. - Co-wash is an abbreviation of conditioner only wash, which, in all its simplicity, is about washing the hair in silicone-free wash conditioner, which you massage well and gently into the hair and scalp. Then rinse the wash conditioner and then apply the hair lengths and tips to a moisturizing conditioner that should work for 3-5 minutes before rinsing your hair thoroughly in lukewarm water. You can also apply a leave-in conditioner. If you get the feeling of "Build-up" of products in the hair and scalp after a few days, you may want to use low-poo on a rare occasion. Low-poo is shampoo without sulfate. - The hair removal should be done in wet hair and either with your fingers or a wide-toothed comb. - Drying is done with either a cotton T-shirt or a terry towel as plain towels provide frizzy and frizzy hair. You can simply squeeze and dip the water out of your hair with your head down ... or you can use the plopping technique (see TECHNIQUE TIPS). It is clearly best to let your lures air dry. Hair drying should be avoided, but you can use the hair dryer on low heat and blow with a diffuser until the hair is semi-dried. - Styling is the last step. Here, you are recommended to use a silicone-free jelly and / or curling cream that should in no way stick. To distribute the product in the hair, gently squeeze it into the lengths with your head down, increasing the chances of volume and lifting. You should be aware that it can take up to 6 weeks for your hair and scalp to get used to the Curly Girl method and restore the moisture balance. ### TECHNIQUE TIPS: The Curly Girl method also involves various tips on how to further apply items to your curls… you can benefit from techniques such as… - Plopping, where you wrap your hair in either a cotton T- shirt or a towel. You have your head down and then make sure that the hair accumulates on top of the head in the cloth while it dries for anywhere from a few minutes to an hour. Plopping significantly promotes the shape of the curls. - According to Lorraine Massey's belief, curly hair should not be cut in wet hair, but in dry hair, where the hairdresser cuts the hair curly by scissors. In this way, it is easier to control the length and shape of the curls. - Hair clips can advantageously be applied to the locks by the hair roots in the moist hair after you have distributed the styling products in the hair. The clamps provide lift to the curls and at the same time ensure that the scalp dries faster. - If necessary, refresh your curls during the day. You can mix ¼ conditioner with ¾ spring water / boiled water in a spray bottle that you can carry in your bag. Shake the bottle, spray a little refresh in the hair and squeeze it slightly so your curls regenerate. ### Curl: Below you will find a brief summary of Lorraine Massey's recommendations for the Curly Girl method… - No washing with shampoo. Only with conditioner. - No sulfate or silicone containing products. Only gentle and moisturizing care. - No comb or brush in dry hair. Only fingers or widening comb in wet hair. - No ordinary towel drying. Only air, cotton t-shirt or terry cloth. - No blow drying on high heat or blow. Only lightly blow dry with a diffuser. - No wet hair clipping. Only curl for curly clips in dry hair. - No cutting, thinning or razoring. Only cutting with scissors. - No shame to have curls. Only pride and joy. The Curly Girl method is a guide on how to achieve healthier hair and more beautiful curls. It is possible to achieve great results by picking the elements of the method that suit you. However, the basics of the method are to AVOID sulfates, silicones, alcohol and mineral oils. From here, there is room for free interpretation and individual adaptation. ### Nicehair with Curly Girl and vice versa: At we love curls and healthy hair… we know it can be a challenge to find your way in the jungle of the many products on the market. That's why we have created a "Curly Girl Friendly" collection of products that are all approved and highly applicable to the method's recommendations. If you want products that at the same time fulfill the wishes of consideration for, among other things, nature, ecology, asthma / allergy, vegan-friendly, environmentally friendly packaging etc. you will find a large selection in our Caring category. [Thought] ( ## Curly Girl - Every curly day is a new day!