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HH SIMONSEN® Deep Waver VS5 is a super professional mold iron that is heated to a temperature of 150-210 degrees in less than 90 seconds. The mold has the market's most advanced heating elements with infrared technology. The surface of the curling iron is coated with the patented, which is a ceramic material that ensures the market's most effective ionic technology. The star is in an absolute class for itself, both with technology and performance in all hair types. The surface with ceramics and tourmaline makes it easy to curl hair and static hair is eliminated due to infrared light rays, as well as using ionic technology. The hair is left "frizz-free" with a silky smooth surface. Deep Waver provides irresistible effects ranging from rolling diva hair to a delicious 'beach look'. The face of Deep Waver makes this curling iron particularly good for wedding hair, as the setting allows for a durable and soft curly look.

NOTE: A 5-year warranty is provided on all electrical items from HH Simonsen!


- Super professional stylist
- Temperature of 150-210 degrees
- Warm in less than 90 seconds
- Heating elements with the most advanced technology in the market
- Creates a durable and curly look

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