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Karmameju Hands 02 Nurture Gift Set (Limited Edition)

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- 1 piece. Karmameju FLOW Hand Wash 02 250 ml
- 1 piece. Karmameju CHILL Hand Lotion 02 250 ml
- 1 piece. Karmameju WOOD Wardrobe Fragrance

Karmameju FLOW Hand Wash 02 is a very fragrant hand soap that is gentle and gentle to the hands. It is with pure essential oils that gently cleanse your hands and leave them soft and with a beautiful freshness. The content of chamomile seems soothing and relieves skin irritations. The soap is naturally antibacterial. The carefully selected ingredients make hand soap suitable for a very sensitive and delicate skin type, children and pregnant women.

Karmameju CHILL Hand Lotion 02 is a mild hand cream, specially developed for a delicate and sensitive skin type. It is with chamomile and orange blossom that relieves and nourishes the sensitive skin. The cream is moisturizing and healing, and the interaction between the nurturing plant extracts stimulates cell renewal and saturates the skin with moisture and nutrition.

Karmameju WOOD Wardrobe Fragrance is a fresh wardrobe with beautiful scented notes of pine, cedar, lemongrass and pomegranate. Together, they deliver a delicate, hot and spicy scent that exudes the senses and fills cupboards and drawers. Garderobeduften also protects your clothes against moth. The scent bag can be placed in the closet, in the closet or in drawers, and ensures that the clothes at all times smell fresh and clean. Remove the cellophane and place the bag as desired. Shake the bag to re-activate the fragrances. The smell lasts for approx. 4 months.

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