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Babyliss Pro
Color Hair-Spray
Cosmobell Kids
Gillian Jones
Jane Iredale
Lille Kanin
Olivias Tryllesalve
Paul Mitchell
Philip Martin's
Pure Beginnings
Tangle Teezer
Product Features
Against Lice
High Coverage
Moisture / Softness
Repairs skin
Stretch marks
UV Protection
Aluminum Free
Asthma / Allergy friendly
Organic / Natural
Parabens free
Silicone free
SPF 16-30
SPF 51 and over
Vegan Friendly
Without Dyes
Suncare Products
Sunscreen Body
Hair accessories
Hair elastics
Mat (Flattening)
Mother of Pearl
Pink (pink)
Hairbrushes and combs
Detangling brush
Bath robes
Body Care
Bath Oil
Bath salts
Body Butter
Body lotion
Massage Oil
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Multifunctional products
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IdHAIR Kids Shampoo 250 ml
10,70 €
8,40 €
Lille Kanin Lotion 100 ml
9,40 €
7,30 €
Meraki Mini Poncho Towel (Mkvr087)
26,80 €
20,90 €
Meraki Mini Baby Towel (Mkvr088)
21,40 €
16,70 €
Everneed GirlsBox - Antique Rose (0940)
20,00 €
15,60 €
Everneed GirlsBox - Classic Black (0933)
20,00 €
15,60 €
Everneed GirlsBox - Baby Blue (0919)
20,00 €
15,60 €
Nailmatic Bath Bomb 160 gr. - Cosmic
7,20 €
5,60 €
Nailmatic Kids Nail Polish 8 ml - Aldo
9,20 €
7,20 €
Nailmatic Kids Nail Polish 8 ml - Lulu
9,20 €
7,20 €
Nailmatic Kids Nail Polish 8 ml - Rio
9,20 €
7,20 €
Nailmatic Kids Nail Polish 8 ml - Dori
9,20 €
7,20 €
Ecooking Multi Oil Fragrance Free 100 ml
22,60 €
15,80 €
Tangle Teezer The Original Brush - Coral
18,60 €
14,50 €
Meraki Mini Shampoo 150 ml
15,40 €
12,00 €
VitaYummy Kids Multivitamin 60 Pieces
17,40 €
13,60 €
Olivias Tryllesalve 50 ml
17,30 €
13,30 €
Selmas Tryllepomade Til Læberne 7 ml
11,90 €
8,70 €
Everneed Flower Wreath Rosa (6081)
10,60 €
6,60 €
Everneed Vilja Bow Clamp - Grey (6003)
2,50 €
2,00 €
Everneed Yrsa Grey Girly Buckle (5013)
2,50 €
2,00 €
Pure Beginnings Fun Time Kids Wash 500 ml
17,30 €
13,50 €
Pure Beginnings Baby Gift Set
22,10 €
17,20 €
Pure Beginnings Baby Bum Cream 125 ml
12,70 €
9,90 €
Pure Beginnings Baby Lotion 200 ml
13,30 €
10,30 €
Pure Beginnings Kids Wash 250 ml
10,60 €
8,30 €
Tangle Teezer The Ultimate - Pink
20,00 €
15,60 €
Tangle Teezer The Ultimate - Black
20,00 €
15,60 €
Eco.kid Barry Bristle Brush
18,10 €
13,30 €
Garnier Ambre Solaire Kids Spf 50 200 ml
16,70 €
13,10 €
Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré 75 ml
26,70 €
20,80 €
Babyliss Twist Secret (TW1000E) (U)
53,50 €
32,00 €
Urtekram No Perfume Zinc Cream 75 ml.
6,70 €
5,20 €
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Karmameju Mount Fuji Light Grey 8-10 Yrs
66,90 €
52,10 €
Free shipping!
Karmameju Mount Fuji Light Grey 5-7 Yrs
66,90 €
52,10 €
Free shipping!
Karmameju Mount Fuji Light Grey 3-4 Yrs
66,90 €
52,10 €
Color Hair-Spray Hvid 100 ml
6,60 €
5,10 €
Karmameju CALM Balm 02 - 20 ml
17,30 €
13,50 €
Karmameju CALM Balm 02 - 90 ml
36,00 €
28,10 €
Color Hair-Spray Gold Glitter 100 ml
6,60 €
5,10 €
Color Hair-Spray Lilla 100 ml
6,60 €
5,10 €
Color Hair-Spray Sort 100 ml
6,60 €
5,10 €

In this category you will find everything the heart desires for your children. Here at Nicehair.dk we have products suitable for children of all ages. You will find brands such as HH Simonsen, Cosmobell kids, Eco.Kid, Embroylisse, Everneed, Karmameju, Meraki, Pure Beginning, Urtekram, and many more. Together, these brands stand to spoil your child from top to toe. A nice morning with your child: Like many other parents, also to have a nice Saturday, and just want to spend the day safeguarding the family, Nicehair has the perfect range of products for such a day. For example, you can start the day with a good and nutritious meal that, together with VitaYummy kids multivitamin, has the very right conditions for the body to feel good from within. Then give your child a nice bath, with Pure Beginning's baby wash that is mild to the skin, while at the same time without perfume, mineral oils, sulphate, surfactants, thalates and synthetic colors. Once the body is washed and well-groomed, it will come to the fore for the children, for the most part, least at least. Shampoos! But do not hesitate for a moment, because amazing Paul Mitchell has developed a very special shampoo for this situation. The Paul Mitchell kids baby do not cry shampoo is specifically designed for fine hair and a delicate skin, as well as the teared canal of the adapted children, so it does not irritate or irritate if it should hit the eye area. Additionally, it makes the hair easier to fry. After a demanded bath where it has been petted, cared for and cared, it comes to personal care. Children have tender and sensitive skin and need proper care. Beautiful, clean and organic Meraki has developed a fantastic and effective lotion for just this purpose. The pure ingredients moisturize, nurture and soothe the skin, and at the same time they are asthma allergy, swan and cosmos organic label so you can treat your child's skin on a daily basis with a good conscience. When the actual care part is over, then we reach for the meal. Adults as well as children love those days when we can just take our clothes off without having to worry about what we look like and appreciate the freedom of movement. Karmameju has both robes and robes for children of different ages. Karmamejus light and silky smooth fleece feels incredibly comfortable against the freshly washed skin. At the same time, it is lightweight and spacious, making it easy to move in, and almost certainly becomes your child's favorite garment. The last step before leaving the bathroom is the hair. Start using Eco.kid daily tonic leave-in conditioner, which makes the hair easier to read. In addition, this spray prevents lice as it delivers fragrances that smell good for humans but not for lice. Should the accident still be out, for a period when you have not used your spray, cosmobell kids remove creme is a sure winner! After using your spray, you can either use HH Simonsen wet brush, or a tangle teezer that gently rubs your hair easily and painfully. For example, you can use HH Simonsen hair cuddles that do not filter into the hair, do not have a metal buckle that breaks and damages the hair, but instead is a rubber elastic in a spiral that comes in many beautiful colors, so Your child may choose his favorite color. You are now finished in the bathroom and ready for a day where your child has been protected from the innermost to the utmost. Wellbeing should not be taken for granted, and your child will certainly love you for the care, proximity and contact it has just gotten and is now ready for a day of speed over the field. These are just one example of how you can use some of Nicehair.dk's quality products for your child. There are silver days, too, where it's going to be strong and where the profit is minimal, but this is not an obstacle, because it certainly is probably something of what you're looking for these days. Find in cooperation with your children, just your favorite products, also at formidable prices on Nicehair.dk