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Lancôme Hydra Intense Mask 100 ml (U)

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Lancôme Hydra Intense Mask is a facial mask for normal and combination skin. The mask is extremely moisturizing and "quench the thirst" for even the driest skin. The mask contains extract of Imperata Cylindrica, which is an incredible southern plant that is resistant to drought. Thanks to this extract captures and binds the mesh water in the epidermis, which helps the skin to maximize its natural level of moisture. The result is a fresh, velvety and pleasant skin with less dryness lines - for more than 8 hours.

Use of Lancôme Hydra Intense Mask:
Should be applied to the dry facial skin is thick - avoiding the eye area. Let sit for 5 minutes. Then remove the remaining product with a tissue or cloth (NOT moisturized!).

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