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L'Oréal Serie Expert Magnesium* Silver Shampoo 500 ml

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L'Oréal Silver Shampoo 500 ml is a fantastic silver shampoo that effectively reduces the golden and yellow tones in your hair for a more cold and bright result. In addition, it contains amino acids and other nutritional ingredients that effectively remove discoloration while nourishing the hair. A mild shampoo that neutralizes a natural blond, chemically shaved or gray hair, leaving you with the sought after beautiful, cool and shiny hair. Benefits: - Silver shampoo - Reduces yellow shades in a white, gray or blonde hair - Contains amino acids - Removes discoloration - Cleans hair in depth - Mild to hair - Gives a cool and glossy result Application: - Spread evenly in wet hair and foam up - Leave shampoo to dry for 2 to 3 minutes - Rinse thoroughly. - Remember to wash hands after use

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