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MÁDARA Multimasking Treatment Set 4 x 12,5 ml

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MÁDARA Multimasking Treatment Set is a nice little set containing 4 masks from MÁDARA. With this set you can easily make your very own multimask at home, which is the concept where you use several different masks on the face at the same time, so you give your skin just what it needs, where it needs it. This contributes to more targeted results, and is also a super delicious experience.

Set includes:

- MÁDARA Smart Anti-Pollution Charcoal & Mud Mask 12.5 ml
- MÁDARA Ultra Purifying Mud Mask 12.5 ml
- MÁDARA Brightening AHA Peel Mask 12.5 ml
- MÁDARA SOS Instant Moisture + Radiance Hydra Mask 12.5 ml
- Test of [MÀDARA Boost Amino-Fill 3D Lifting Booster Ampoule] (https://nicehair.dk/madara-boost-amino-fill-3d-lifting-booster-ampoules-10-x-3-ml.html)
- Sample of [MÀDARA Boost Antioxidant Energiser Booster Ampoule] (https://nicehair.dk/madara-boost-antioxidant-energy-booster-ampoules-10-x-3-ml.html)

MÁDARA Smart Anti-Pollution Charcoal & Mud Mask: is the perfect face mask to use if you think the skin has become sad and gray. This unique mask is rich in antioxidant Nordic black mud and charcoal that protects the skin from contamination and aging. See full description [here] (https://nicehair.dk/madara-smart-anti-pollution-charcoal--mud-mask-60-ml.html)

MÁDARA Ultra Purifying Mud Mask: is a face mask based on Nordic forest seams. The deep cleansing mask effectively cleans the pores and absorbs excess sebum and fat. The mask works firming and it reduces the appearance of pores and eliminates traces of acne. See full description [here] (https://nicehair.dk/madara-ultra-purifying-mud-mask-60-ml-.html)

MÁDARA Brightening AHA Peel Mask: is a super beautiful face mask that provides effective exfoliation of the skin. It is with active fruit acids, vitamin C, lactic acid and soothing shelf flower. These beautiful ingredients go in and cleanse the skin deep, remove dead skin cells and work firming. See full description [here] (https://nicehair.dk/madara-brightening-aha-peel-mask-60-ml.html)

MÁDARA SOS Instant Moisture + Radiance Hydra Mask: is an intensely moisturizing mask that is particularly good for a dry, tight, stressed or dehydrated skin. This mask can either be used as a mask to be washed off or it can remain on the skin. It gives a lot of moisture, soothes and soothes the skin, leaving it with a very comfortable feeling.

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