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BB/CC cream

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Clinique iD BB-Gel + Fatigue
50,30 €
Jane Iredale Glow Time SPF 25 - 50 ml - BB4
57,70 €
52,20 €
YSL Top Secrets CC Creme - Apricot
53,00 €
47,10 €
YSL Top Secrets CC Creme - Rose
53,00 €
47,10 €
YSL Top Secrets CC Creme - Lavender
53,00 €
47,10 €
Jane Iredale Glow Time SPF 17 - 50 ml - BB9
57,70 €
52,20 €
Embryolisse CC Cream SPF 20 - 30 ml
38,80 €
36,10 €
Jane Iredale Glow Time SPF 25 - 50 ml - BB7
57,70 €
52,20 €
Jane Iredale Glow Time SPF 25 - 50 ml - BB5
57,70 €
52,20 €
Jane Iredale Glow Time SPF 25 - 50 ml - BB6
57,70 €
52,20 €
Jane Iredale Glow Time SPF 25 - 50 ml - BB3
57,70 €
52,20 €
Jane Iredale Glow Time SPF 25 - 50 ml - BB1
57,70 €
52,20 €

There are some mysteries about what the differences between a BB cream, a CC cream and a colored day cream are really?!? - And to be honest, the differences are quite small. BB and CC creams are both an easy upgrade to a regular colored day cream. They are developed in Asia, where you constantly strive for the most even and perfect skin. For the record, it should be noted that manufacturers in Asia make these BB and CC creams much thicker, which also makes coverage more effective ... and perhaps not as natural as we like it in Europe. ## Buy your BB / CC cream at NiceBeauty A colored day cream is, in short, a moisturizing cream with pigment for your skin. The day cream is most suitable for younger skin, which is still smooth and unaffected, or which is prepared under a good foundation, providing a very light but natural coverage. A BB cream can actually be the same as a colored day cream, but it also protects against harmful sun rays and against aging. BB stands for Blemish Balm, which refers to PLATFRI in Danish ... but this name certainly applies more to the thick Asian cream - that is why the more common name in Europe is Beauty Balm. BB cream provides a nice and light coverage of the skin surface. A CC cream is a further development of BB cream. CC stands for "Color and Corret" in Asia, but in Europe we probably use the term "Color and Care" because CC cream, such as BB cream, covers light and natural. CC cream is again a colored day cream that is added to the touch in the form of different complementary colors, which has the property of lifting a reddish or yellowish skin. Like BB cream, CC cream also contains sun protection and firming antioxidants that protect against aging. Both BB and CC cream are lightweight, which is most suitable for skin that does not have too many bumps, color differences or is damaged by environmental effects such as sun, wind and other weather. ## BB / CC for men ATTENTION !!! ALSO AVAILABLE FOR MEN - for possible regulation and regeneration of fatigue signs etc. However, on we can recommend these creams as a kind of primer under a mineral base, solid or powdered. It definitely gives a beautiful and dazzling result. At we now have a wide selection of these pigmented creams. Some more extensive than others. The question then is which which fits your skin best ??? Is your color brand ... - Biotherm, such as cream or gel? - James Read with a bit of self-tanning? - Jane Iredale, who covers and uses? - Vichy, light and delicious without parabens. - Ole Henriksen with his "Perfect Truth". - The allergy-friendly product from Clinique - 100% perfume - and oil-free? - Rodial, which contains Syn-Ake that reduces the appearance of wrinkles? - L'Occitane, which deeply hydrates and nourishes the skin? - Or could it be Nip + Fab whose cover cream lasts for a maximum of 24 hours? It's your skin, it's your judgment ... what's best for you?