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Cutex Ridge Filler 13,6 ml
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Cutex Cuticle Eraser 15 ml
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Herôme Cuticle Cream 15 ml
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Herôme Cuticle Remover 10 ml
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Facial care is gradually becoming a natural part of our daily ritual. As well as we lubricate the hands well in dryness and roughness. Unfortunately, it happens too often that we forget to lovingly care for our nails and cuticles. Maybe we think that the nails are nicely covered with our hand cream and protected by a possible one. nail polish ... but unfortunately that is not always enough. ## Our nails are very exposed and require specially adapted products It is important to keep your nails clean. This for health as well as caring reasons. When the nails are completely clean, they can take full advantage of the nourishing products. The easiest way to clean the nails of old paint, dirt and grease is to do normal hand washing, hand peeling and nail polish remover. If your nails have yellowed after applying nail polish, you can also guess ... namely a buffer file or lemon juice. When using a buffer, be careful not to file the nail too thin. This method is best suited for easier discoloration. Incidentally, it is generally a good idea to use nail bumpers a few times a year to make nails easier to care for. In case of strong discolouration stick your fingers in half a lemon for a few minutes, then the citric acid will affect white nails. If this is not enough, expect ... Mix 1 teaspoon of lemon juice with 1 teaspoon of baking powder and scrub with a nail brush until the discoloration disappears. As a rule, a change occurs within minutes. If the nails are nice and clean, you should treat both nails and cuticles with a nourishing agent. Also remember to press down your nail straps, NOT CUT. Which products should you use? NiceBeauty has various suggestions as to which products you can use for nail care ... - [Dr. Hauschka] ( has a fantastic paraben-free [nail oil] ( -ml.html), both in a practical pump bottle and in a super [smart pen] ( ) is available Bring the bag in. - [Eve Lom] ( has a delicious [cuticle cream] ( -ml.html) made with chamomile and almond oil, which nourishes and hydrates the cuticle and has a healing and soothing effect on inflamed and trapped cuticles. The cream also contains beeswax, which moisturizes and protects at the same time. - [Murad Hybrids soothing care for skin, lips and cuticles] ( is designed to that it can also be used as a cuticle pusher. The product nourishes dried and frayed cuticles. - [OPI Avoplex] ( is a nail cuticle oil "TO GO". It does not load much into the bag and has a smart application brush that allows easy application and proper dosing. It is recommended to use the oil after each wash or at least twice a day. The oil is made from avocado and is full of vitamin E. It is possible to buy the oil in sets with a really good hand / nail cream. - In addition to the products specially developed for nail care, can recommend the [new lip balm from Rønsbøl] (, which are used to advantage can become your cuticle. It is 100% free of perfume, dyes and parabens. At the same time, it absorbs quickly and without fat. - Last but definitely noteworthy, we have [Cosmos co. Arganoil] (, which is made from 100% pure argan oil from Morocco. This product also nourishes and strengthens your nails and cuticles in the best possible way. After cleaning and care, your nails can now be embellished NiceBeauty's wide selection of [nail polish] (