Make it easy to put makeup over all It's not easy to put a makeup without being able to see his face, and it's easy to help with a mirror. Therefore, at NiceHair.dk we have collected some good mirrors that are easy to handle and have with everything. Our mirrors fit perfectly in our make up purses, which can be found here or in our toilet bags, as you can find here.


Babyliss Makeup Mirror With Light (8435E)
MSRP 51,90 €
Your price 46,70 €
Babyliss Makeup Mirror With Light (8438E)
MSRP 116,90 €
Your price 103,90 €
Gillian Jones Mirror LED Suction Light x7
MSRP 38,90 €
Your price 35,00 €
Gillian Jones Mirror Rose Gold 1-6296-5-83
MSRP 51,90 €
Your price 50,60 €
Gillian Jones Table LED Light Mirror 1-7295-00
MSRP 51,90 €
Your price 46,70 €
Gillian Jones Table Mirror Clear x5 (1-9200-5-92)
MSRP 32,40 €
Your price 29,80 €
Jane Iredale Refillable Compact Gold
MSRP 14,30 €
Your price 12,90 €
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