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Masque Me Up 7 Days Vacation Box (Limited Edition) (U)

Masque Me Up 7 Days Vacation Box (Limited Edition)

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Masque Me Up 7 Days Vacation Box is a delicious box containing 7 stitches that pamper both face and feet. The box is called Vacation Box, because it is perfect for having a sun holiday, where the face needs a lot of extra attention, and where the feet can also need some pampering.

The box contains:

- Masque Me Up Aftersun Mask 5 pcs
- Masque Me Up Foot Mask 2 pcs

Masque Me Up Aftersun Mask: A mask that is perfect to use after sunbathing. When you have got a lot of sun on your face, you can have a slightly tighter feeling in the skin, and the skin can be red, dry or irritated. This delicious sheet mask helps to get your skin cool again. The mask works soothing and moisturizing, thereby protecting the skin from drying out. Enriched with some of the most cooling, healing and moisturizing ingredients to provide the best possible care for your skin. It is, among other things, with watermelon extract that relieves irritation and which calms and cools, which a tanned skin really needs. In addition, it is with coconut juice, which gives the skin extra moisture and which also has an anti-aging effect. Masque Me Up Aftersun Sheet Mask can be conveniently placed in the refrigerator 5 minutes before use to provide an extra cooling effect on the tanned skin.


- Used on cleansed skin
- Open the bag
- Fold the mask out and place it over the face
- Leave it on the skin for 15 minutes
- Pull off the mask and throw it out
- Massage any residue into the face or wipe off with a kleenex
- Finish with cream

Masque Me Up Foot Mask: A beautiful mask specially designed to give your feet a lot of care and moisture. The mask has a healing effect, and because of active ingredients in the serum contained within these socks, they are perfect for quick-care and soft feet. The socks have a unique two-layer technology that makes it possible to move around with the masks. If you have a tendency to dry and swollen feet, this mask is absolutely indispensable.


- Take the socks on clean feet
- Let them work for 20 minutes
- Remove the masks and throw them out
- Massage any residue into your feet

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