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Miqura Anti Age Coconut Face Mask 1 Piece

Miqura Anti Age Coconut Face Mask 1 Piece

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Miqura Anti Age Coconut Face Mask is an amazing sheet mask that gives your youthful glow a new beam. The mask is made from 100% natural fermented coconut juice, which refines masking hairs by as much as 1000% compared to regular cotton masks. The fine structure in the mask ensures that it closes completely close to the face so you can achieve optimum care and ensure that none of the nutritional ingredients of the machine are wasted. In addition, the mask is rich in antioxidants, which has a tightening effect that gives an instant lift to the face, giving you a beautiful, smooth and silky smooth finish. Indulge yourself with this intense moisturizing anti-age mask that immediately leaves you with a younger and more healthy look. Benefits: - Anti-age sheet mask - Suitable for normal and ripe skin - Gets your strange glow to shine Again - Made from 100% fermented coconut juice - 1000% finer hair than regular cotton masks - Closes very close to the face - Rich in antioxidants - Has a tightening effect - Gives instant lift - Gives skin moisture - Provides a younger and more fresh look. Application: - Clean the skin before use - Remove the outer protective layers A and C from the mask and discard them - Place the mask on the entire face - Remove the mask after 15-20 min - No need to rinse after

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