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MoYou Creative nail art for home Background: MoYou was founded in 2009 by some humble professional women who take pride in letting the products speak for themselves - which products among other does on catwalks around the world, in shows example for Prada and Valentino. The founders of MoYou believe that a stress free life with room for creative expression gives the desire to contribute with what you're good at. The name is a composition of "Mother" and "Youth", because the products just appeal to different generations - professional or not. MoYou's keywords are: - Innovation - Their products are under constant development. Appearing among other things, a new theme-Collektion each month. - Quality - It is important for MoYou that their products are made properly, so users have them for a long time and have the best experience. That is precisely why palettes printed in stainless steel with high precision so that there are small nicks that destroys the final result. The pistons are made of plastic with a silicone sponge that is secure so it does not fall off after each application. - Genius - Products manufactured for unique and unusual methods. As they stand out from the market other products in the same category. - Artistic - It is very important for the founders, users can express themselves creatively ... so it is also possible even to develop at the given patterns. - Duplicate - Committee of plates and patterns is huge, so it should be possible for anyone with an interest to make your own nail art, to find exactly the style that falls in taste. In fact, MoYou the world's largest selection of quality nail polish, images and patterns. - Simple and practical - For users continue to want to explore the nail art, it is important that the process is letmedgørlig - especially bearing in mind that the products appeal to several generations of novice, intermediate or even professional. # Tool: You need a palette, a stamp, a scraper and a nail polish. It is important that the paint is thick, otherwise fail the project. The procedure is called "PS PS - and possibly a T": Polish - Laker nails with a base coat and put varnish on the selected design palette. Scrabe - Scrape off the excess paint palette. Pick up - Collect designed with the piston in a slightly rolling gait. Stamp - Stamp design onto your nail with the same rolling motion, as when you total up the design. And as icing in one, so you can choose to finish with a good Topcoat! Nail Care: The greatest chance for a successful outcome is obtained by, your nails are in a good and well-kept condition. It anbefalers why you continuously cleans your nails and file them so the surface is clean and smooth. If you use a nail buffer to the surface, so it is recommended that you only use the coarsest side every 3 months for not thinning the nail too much and thus make it vulnerable. Use possibly a cuticle pusher and maybe some oil to soften cuticles, so they do not destroy your nail art. When the nails are groomed, you have a clean canvas to start your creative nail art. Nice Hair and MoYou: At keeps us not hesitate to offer customers the most sought after brands in the world. Therefore, it is of course also possible to buy MoYou's Art tools and palettes with different themes. The themes range of ethnic cultures for adventure and of course, we also have a bridal theme. If you should need to know more about the different palettes, procedure or other, then go to and click on the products or call our always friendly service. MoYou - Simple and Elegant **