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The story of

It all started in a basement ...

In 2008, Tonny Nielsen Bruun students at the university. To earn a little for a living, he started selling hair products online. The products came from shopping he helped to create for his then- wife, who had his own hair salon. Trading on Trendsales, QXL and others went so fast that he became aware of a huge market that lay untouched: the sales of professional hair products online, at prices albeit one that could be made much cheaper than at the hairdressers.

During the first orders came exclusively through various marketplaces on the Internet, and the business grew . Then in 2009 Tonny Nielsen Bruun bought the webshop September of that year, he decided to change the name to as the primary sales came from products for hairdressers.

  • Approx. 5,000 sent packets first year.
  • Product store was in the basement with Tonny
  • 's name was initially

The first office and the first employee

In 2010 the growing business moved from the basement to the first office and warehouse premises. It was in these rooms that the foundation and history of the new was, while it was also where the first employee started. In late 2010, rounded approx. 5,000 orders a month.

It was also there in the first rooms on Tømrervej in Esbjerg that the two future partners Lasse Andersen and Simon Elkjær was employed.

  • Start new shop
  • From 1 to 5 employees
  • Up to 5,000 orders per month in late 2010
  • New premises of approx. 250m2

Explosive growth rates and many new employees

It was not long before the physical framework of Tømrervej could not accommodate the company and moved to Lillebæltsvej in Esbjerg with great potential for expansion. It seemed impossible to grow out of the new 600m2 space, but in 2012 had rented the premises opposite and achieve 1100m2.

During this period there was also launched a new shop system and worked tremendously to optimize the shopping experience. At the same time inventory management gradually systematized so that it could be learned on to new employees. The theory around here was that you could get as a new employee and during the half-hour will be able to work on an equal footing with the others.

In May 2013 was nominated for FDIH's Ecommerce price "Customer Favorite". The award was found in a huge industry party, and much to the delight and surprise, chosen as the winner.

  • New shop system launched
  • rounds 40 employees
  • All procedures and tasks set in the system

Optimization and abroad -expanded ring

In late 2013, the otherwise great rooms at Lillebæltsvej in Esbjerg got too small, especially office space was too small to accommodate all the new employees which were added during the year. It was also about time to rethink the order processing as it had become a little hard to keep up to send packets out of the house as fast as they were ordered.

While the big move took place, the introduction of a new storage system, to ensure the company's scalability and speed of order processing.

In the early winter of 2013 with an almost complete removal of the luggage, got a great cause for joy and pride. It came in the form of a nomination as this year's young professionals looking to Tonny Nielsen Bruun. A few weeks later came the final grading, by a fine ceremony in Esbjerg Performing Arts Centre, and got yet another prestigious award to it’s collection.

Abroad is just on the doorstep and the work on started in 2013 and the first several packets to neighboring countries are already leaving the door at the end of 2013.

  • New Storage System introduced
  • are ready to send packets to all of Europe
  • Tonny Nielsen Bruun receives award for young business executive in 2013

One big family

Today employs just under 150 employees working full-time, part-time and several different nationalities. The company sending on average between 50 and 60,000 packets a month throughout Europe. If you need help with your order or if you're in a different way to get in contact with, either by mail or call (+44) 20 8089 3022