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Origins Ginzing™ Peel-Off Mask To Refine And Refresh 75 ml

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Origins Ginzing ™ Peel-Off Mask To Refine and Refresh is a refreshing peel-off mask with a unique and shiny finish that resembles the softest bronze mesh across the skin. This mask refreshes instantly tired and stressed skin, as well as removes dead skin cells, dirt and dirt. This will make the skin feel more even and uniform and will eventually end up with a fresh and well-groomed feeling. Thanks to coffee beans and panax ginseng your skin will now radiate with renewed energy. Additionally, this mask is enriched with fruct acid from, among other things, lemon, apple and orange that enriches the skin's pores and makes the skin feel amazing.


- Peel-off mask
- Perfect for you with a normal or oily skin
- Has a beautiful bronze color that fits perfectly over the skin
- Refreshes immediately tired and stressed skin
- Removes dead skin cells dirt and dirt
- Provides a more even and uniform skin tone
- Provides a fresh and well-groomed feeling
- Enriched with nutritious and nutritious ingredients
- Refine the skin's pores and leave you with a fantastic result
- Has the beautiful fragrance from essential oils
- Without parabens, phthalates, propylene glycol, mineral oils, petrolatum, paraffin, DEA and polyethylene beads


- Push a generous amount into the palm of your hand
- Apply on a clean and dry skin, avoiding the eye area and hairline
- Let it work for 10 minutes
- Smile as much as you can to loosen the mask and HIV gently off the mask
- Then wash the face
- Use 1-2 times a week

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