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Osmo Ikon Permanent Hair Colour 100 ml. - (6.003) Dark Chocolate Blonde

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Osmo Ikon Permanent Hair Colour is permanent hair dyes, with a low content of Amoninak. The perfect hair color is the key to a great look. With Osmo Ikon hair color, you get a durable and consistent results. The product contains micro-techno lodgings that binds the color effectively to the hair, it gives a result of a beautiful and natural color with a velvety finish has a multi-dimensional shine.

Icon osmo hair colors to be mixed with Osmo Icon Activator Cream to operate.

**** Can be used to color hair darker or to lighten the hair.


1 Allergy Test.

It is important to check if you are allergic to the product. Apply with a vatvind a small part unmixed color on the skin (in the elbow joint) Let sit for 48 hours. There is more information about performing in the accompanying instructions.

2.Fastslå pitch.

To find the correct ratio between hair color and Cream Activator, it is important to determine what pitch you want. Includes a table in the manual that shows mixing ratio and duration of action. The instruction read carefully before mixing / coloring ..

Use gloves during preparation, mixing, dyeing and irrigation

3 Mix color.

The color is mixed in the correct proportions, use a plastic bowl. Touching around the product's color and the color should be used immediately.

4 The hair dyed.

Remember gloves

The use of hair has never been colored:

The color is applied to 2 cm. from the scalp and all the way in to the hair ends. Leave on for 20 minutes. Make a new mix and apply it to the hair roots and wait another 20 minutes.

Application for colored hair to be refreshed.

Apply in udgroningen and leave for 20 minutes. Apply the rest of the entire hair and wait another 10 min.

5 Flushing

With the same effect time ends, rinse your hair with lukewarm water. Masserers well in and rinse again with hot water. Overskyendefarve wash time and could. Use a conditioner with color seal.

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