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Large selection of women's fragrances and perfumes for women We have assembled our complete range of perfumes for women here. The Committee is subdivided into the following categories: Deo & Roll-on, Eau de Toilette, Eau de Perfume and Eau de Cologne. Find the right perfume for you on NiceHair.dk and get it at a good price. ## Which perfume should I choose? you can not say which perfume is best, since it is clearly a matter of taste. For example, one may be for light - heavy -, or fresh scents. Perfumes are available in all price ranges, and with different strengths. At NiceHair.dk we have made a good breakdown of products, which often says something about the quality and price of the perfume. [Deo & Roll-on] (http://nicehair.dk/parfume/produkttype/deo-roll-on.html): often a cheap perfume that either sprayed or rolled on the skin. [Eau de toilette] (https://nicehair.dk/parfume/produkttype/eau-de-toilette.html): A perfume in the cheap price range. It contains less fragrance oil and is thus not as powerful in its fragrance, therefore durable time is also shorter. [Eau de Perfume] (http://nicehair.dk/parfume/produkttype/eau-de-parfume.html): Is the perfume with the highest percentage of fragrance oil, often a higher quality and higher price than the other perfumes. The high percentage of fragrance oil makes perfume can last up to a full day. [Eau de Cologne] (http://nicehair.dk/parfume/produkttype/eau-de-cologne.html): The hallmark of Eau de Cologne is a less perfumed fragrance, which also makes it the most neutral perfume. ## Perfumes for women from all the renowned brands At NiceHair.dk leads we all recognized brands at good prices. See the large selection here and find the product that meets your needs. see eg Gucci, DKNY, Burberry, Dior and Calvin Klein. ## Can not find the product you are looking for? Buy your favorite perfumes from a supplier you can trust. At NiceHair.dk means customers indtryg everything, therefore we make every effort to offer the best service to our customers. We deliver therefore your order within 1-3 business days. Therefore we would really like to hear from you if you can not find the products you are looking for. The product may be removed from the online shop, as it is sold out - and it will reappear when it is available. It may also be that we do not lead the product, and then feel free to go to nicehair.dk/suggest, and write to us.

For women
Lancôme Ô de L'Orangerie EDT 50 ml
MSRP 48,80 €
Your price 38,00 €
Biotherm Body Eau Pure EDT 100 ml
MSRP 48,80 €
Your price 38,00 €
Biotherm Body Eau Soleil EDT 100 ml
MSRP 48,80 €
Your price 38,00 €
Biotherm Body Eau Vitaminée Women EDT 100 ml
MSRP 48,80 €
Your price 38,00 €
Biotherm Body L'Eau Women EDT 100 ml
MSRP 48,80 €
Your price 38,00 €
Biotherm Eau Relax EDT 100 ml
MSRP 48,80 €
Your price 38,00 €
Boucheron For Her EDP 100 ml
Your price 103,40 €
Boucheron For Her EDP 50 ml
Your price 72,80 €
Boucheron For Her EDT 100 ml
Your price 94,30 €
Boucheron For Her EDT 50 ml
Your price 63,70 €
Boucheron Quatre For Her EDP 30 ml
Your price 48,80 €
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